The Carrington: Surry Hills (6 April 2013)

The Carrington provides a wonderfully laid-back pub environment backed with friendly service (albeit a bit slow at times) to a mix of young families, friends and couples in Surry Hills. To top it off, both the food and cocktail lists were extensive and interesting.
Aperolling with the bulls cocktail jug ($30)
A perfect start to the night! Whilst deciding on food, we decided to order a jug of the “Aperolling with the bulls” cocktail that consisted of aperol, pomegranate & cranberry syrup and lemon juice. The cocktail was sweet and refreshing, and provided us with around 6-7 small glasses full.
Bulls tail empanadas ($14)
I’ve never tried bulls tail so we were keen to try the bulls tail empanadas tapas dish. It was difficult to taste what the bulls tail meat tasted like when it was marinated in a wonderfully mild spicy sauce, but it tasted great – especially when encased the thick chewy empanadas pastry that was still crispy on the outside.
Meatballs ($15)
Salt cod, jamon, soft egg salad ($18)
Prawn & Chorizo sandwich ($18)
 Although it appears to be just a sandwich, this was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten for a while (and I eat a lot of sandwiches!) and definitely the favourite dish of the night at the Carrington. The sandwich was filled with juicy plump mildly marinated prawn pieces and sliced chorizo pieces, encased within well toasted chewy white bread slices (all thoughtfully cut into quarters for easy sharing). The bravas fries appear to be hand-cut and are all fried to a golden crispiness.
Morcilla stuffed squid ($19)
Paella onigiri with fried calamari ($4.50); Calamari slider ($6)
 The Carrington also has a few pintxos menu items, which are small snack items that are typically bite-sized. Although we were already informed by the waitress that we had ordered far too much, we couldn’t resist adding a few pintxos items on. From the two we tried, the paella onigiri with fried calamari would definitely be the one that I would order again in the future – the squid-ink infused paella rice was flavoursome and rich and contrasted well with the crispy calamari piece on top of the rice
Easter hot-x bun special dessert
Although we were beyond full by this point, we ordered the easter hot cross bun dessert special as we couldn’t resist the sound of fried ice cream encased in a hot cross bun served with a side of churros. The dessert was really rich and I thoroughly enjoyed my first few bites (especially of the fried ice cream) but I had to stop after 2 or 3 mouthfuls. Definitely not one of those desserts to eat when you’re full already, but will need to come back once more to try the other interesting-sounding desserts on an emptier stomach.
The Carrington
565 Bourke St 
Surry Hills NSW
02 9360 4714

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