Papparich: Chatswood (27 April 2013)

Papparich is a popular Malaysian restaurant chain that originated from Malaysia (has 70 outlets in Malaysia) and has in recent years opened 5 outlets in Melbourne. Having tried Papparich in Melbourne last year, I was excited to hear that earlier this week Papparich opened their first Sydney chain in Chatswood. M and I had originally planned to go last night (Friday) but when we arrived at 6.30pm the line had an estimated wait time of around 90 minutes so we chose to go to korean barbeque at Goldmart. Tonight we went at 5pm and were seated straight away. 
The interior is well planned and spaced out, with plenty of walking areas. 

Pappa special Nasi Goreng with Fried chicken ($14.90)
 The nasi goreng (fried rice) is mildly spicy but is utterly delicious! The rice is moist and flavoursome, and comes with a generous serve of sambal on the side for those who like their food spicier. The rice is served with a side of fried chicken (crispy on the outside and tender on the inside), fried egg, cucumber slices and a pappadum. 
Pappa Wat Tan Hor ($12.90)
 While all 3 dishes from the night were great, this was the highlight for me. The wok-fried combination flat noodles were flavoursome and generously covered with a thick glutinous egg gravy. The portion size is also generous and perfect for serving. 
Roti Canai
The roti canai here is much crispier and slightly thicker and sweeter in comparison to Mamak’s roti. However I actually prefer this one as it soaks up the sauces better without losing it’s crispiness. At only around $5-6 from memory, the roti serves as a good side dish to accompany the meal (or a meal in itself for the not-so-hungry).
Line at 5.45pm

Decent spacing between the tables
Overall a great addition to the dining scene in Chatswood. Definitely worth a visit for those who like Malaysian food! Will have to come back another time to try the nasi lemak and drinks. 
1/63A Archer St 
Chatswood NSW 2067
02 9411 3207

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  1. Yes the only deterrent currently is probably the queue!!!! Was there for lunch yesterday at 1pm and there’s was a queue on weekday? Last week for dinner we went at 5-ish and luckily just missed the crowd!

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