Bourke Street Bakery: Surry Hills (28 April 2013)

Since watching all the MKR dessert rounds, I’ve been craving the richness of Bourke Street Bakery’s ginger brulee tart. BSB’s ginger brulee tarts is definitely one of my favourite tarts around, with it’s rich creamy brulee filling that’s slightly spiced up with a hint of ginger. The tart itself is buttery and crumbly, which makes the drive and mad find for parking in Surry Hills totally worth it. The service is quick and efficient, though not so patient for those who require the extra minute to decide. There’s a few scattered tables inside and outside the cafe, so grab a coffee and eat a pastry (or two) before you hit the road with the takeaway items.
Ginger brulee tart
Pear danish
Soy Linseed sourdough bread
Bourke Street Bakery
633 Bourke St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 9699 1011

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on “Bourke Street Bakery: Surry Hills (28 April 2013)
One Comment on “Bourke Street Bakery: Surry Hills (28 April 2013)

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