The Butcher’s Block (8 June 2013)

After a friend referenced the Butcher’s Block as North Shore’s version of “the Grounds of Alexandria”, we knew we had to make a pit stop there before heading to Port Macquarie for our long weekend. Having went to school in Wahroonga quite a few years ago, I was at initially surprised to hear that a vibrant and upbeat café had popped up in the area. My memories of the cafés at Wahroonga from high school mainly circulated around rather average traditional dishes being served up.

The Butcher’s Block (TBB) definitely pays a respectful homage to the butcher that previously resided the current space. Throughout, there are creative references to the butcher’s theme from the paintwork on the walls to a butcher’s knife, which acts as a door handle to the washing closet. The eateries fit out is well thought-out. There is further integration with a modern rustic style (think long wooden hall with a wonderful outdoor patio that basks in the sunlight), to create a pleasant and relaxing vibe. Service is also friendly and efficient. The breakfast and drinks menu further provides a diverse selection of ‘normal’ café items to more creative signature dishes and drinks.




We arrived at around 9am on a Saturday morning and were informed that there was a 15 minutes wait. The 15 minutes wait was indeed 15 minutes, and we were promptly seated outside on one of the tables on the patio. The breakfast menu was short and to the point, with solid sounding breakfast options. I was enticed by the sound of the one pan bacon and eggs, whilst M went for his traditional go-to breakfast order of eggs benedict.

I was initially disappointed when my dish first came out as I had thought the “one pan” description would mean the Circa (Parramatta) version where the dish came out on a small sizzling pan. However, I was soon to be happy to be digging into the well-cooked dish that consisted of the bacon being cooked within the egg whites. The dish was simply made, but the eggs were cooked perfectly, with the yolks spilling out over the bacon and bread when poked at, and the richness of the yolks and bacon was cut through with the lighter tomato sauce.

One pan bacon and eggs with house made tomato sauce on sourdough ($14)


M’s egg benedict was also delicious, with the egg yolks easily running through the toast and salmon pieces.

Eggs benedict on sourdough with butcher’s hollandaise with smoked salmon ($18)


TBB uses Allpress coffee that usually guarantees a decent coffee. Whilst there are some mixed reviews regarding the coffee at TBB, we had a good experience today, receiving a well-made cappuccino with a good froth to coffee ratio.

Cappuccino ($3.50)


The highlight for me from TBB would have to be the pear and cinnamon smoothie. The smoothie is thick and rich, and the sweet pear taste and wonderfully complemented with a kick of cinnamon. I felt like I was drinking a pear pie in liquid form.

Pear and cinnamon smoothie ($6.50)


Would we go back to TBB? Most definitely! For our next visit I’m eyeing the burgers on the lunch menu and the snickers milkshake… I’m drooling just thinking about it.


The Butcher’s Block
15 Redleaf Ave
Wahroonga NSW 2076

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