Jumping Dumplings (13 June 2013)

Often during the morning at work i develop a strong craving for yum cha. Unfortunately, when you’re not in the Chinatown end of the city, yum cha does not come cheap. There aren’t many yum cha spots and it’s hard to find a group of people that has the spare time to enjoy a leisurely yum cha session. That is why it is welcoming for a food outlet which allows you to choose a selection of dumplings/yum cha inspired dishes which doesn’t break the bank.


Jumping Dumplings opened approximately 12 weeks ago. The store front is clean and well presented, featuring a number of steam baskets each with its own unique dumpling/bun options. I opt for a medium “Ping Pack” which comes with 6 dumplings and a tea/miso soup ($9.50). As a guy with an unusually large appetite, this choice was enough to satisfy my appetite without causing a food coma for the rest of the afternoon.

The dumplings are nice and unique (kind of a fusion between Chinese and Japanese styles). They feel healthier compared to those offered at traditional yum cha restaurants. The pastry is slightly thicker and as a result there is a higher pastry to filling ratio, which makes it less flavoursome than other alternatives. The shu mai does not have this issue and is definitely a recommended item from the list. Overall it is welcoming to have a yum cha themed take-away joint in the Wynyard area that can help satisfy the urgent dim sum/dumpling cravings. However, i still prefer the thinner pastry found at the more authentic Yum Cha restaurants.

* I should mention as a word of warning when ordering the tea. Ask the staff to double cup. Both my friend and I nearly dropped the teas as the cup was extremely hot. We were very lucky the distance was between the store and nearest tables.





Jumping Dumplings
259 George Street
Sydney, NSW

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