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Carnegie Deli: NYC Midtown West (December 2012)

After watching the Broadway show the Book of Mormon on our first night in NYC, M and I got the Broadway bug and wanted to book in for every other Broadway show. As a result, we found ourselves scurrying around the theatre district looking for food after each show. One of our favourite finds was Carnegie Deli .


Carnegie Deli was founded in 1937, and is a family-run institution that cures and smokes their meats. What is truly eye-catching and exceptional about Carnegie Deli is the sheer number of photos of famous people that are spread across the walls in the Deli. Another factor that caught our attention was the gigantic mammoth of a sandwich the came out.

Fortunately M and I had seen a few of the sandwiches being served up before ordering, so we decided on ordering one to share (despite M protesting that he could “easily” finish one by himself).We decided on ordering the Carnegie Haul combo sandwich, that consisted of a triple decker sandwich filled with pastrami, tongue and salami with relish ($24.95). The highlight of the sandwich was definitely the pastrami that was served warm and glistening with oil. The tender smoky meat was sooo good and before soon we had demolished that portion of the sandwich (despite my waistline telling me to stop). The tongue and salami were both good too, but the cold cuts of meat seemed to wane in flavour in comparison to the richness of the pastrami cut.

After our first NYC pastrami experience at Carnegie Deli, M and I were definitely pumped to try out more pastrami joints throughout NYC.


Carnegie Deli
854 7th Ave
NYC 10019
Carnegie Deli on Urbanspoon

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