Circa: Parramatta (18 June 2013)

I’ve been working at Parramatta for a few months now, and Circa has been the constant-go-to place for comfort food and coffee. Circa’s owners Tony and Aykut as well as their staff, have always given us continuous genuine and sincere good service. The service is so good in fact that my friends K and R travelled from the North Shore yesterday to Parramatta just to see the baristas again (and to have a few coffees and food). It’s awesome to see Circa still pushing boundaries with their food and adding new specials on the walls as well as making changes to their food menu to keep things interesting.

Yesterday I was intrigued by the avocado on sourdough toast that had seemed to have had a new make-over since the last time I ordered it. Instead of the norm that cafes seemed to have with avocado on toast, Circa combined the avocado with fetta, ricotta, green pea mash and coriander. Seriously such an amazing combination! The ingredients (barring the coriander) are all mixed together into a fluffy rich goodness of cheesy-avocado-pea mash, all topped on a thick chewy slice of bread. Having said that, all the dishes that were being served up looked amazing. K had the Ottoman Eggs of which she demolished at a pretty rapid pace, and R had the roast leg of lamb that lied on top of a hearty mix of winter vegetables.


Avocado, fetta, ricotta, green pea mash with coriander on sourdough ($10)


Roast leg of lamb with pearl cous-cous, baharat spiced eggplant, tomato, cucumber roasted pine nuts, dried currants, baby peas and garlic labne $16)


Ottoman Eggs – poached free-range eggs with crumbed eggplant, garlic labne, burnt chili and sage on sourdough toast ($15)

Whilst Circa may have started off as a hole-in-the-wall cafe that was frequented mainly by the locals for their trifecta combination of good food, coffee and service, Circa is definitely not as hidden anymore with clients coming in from all over Sydney. Regardless of how popular they have become, the service is still as genuine as ever.

21 Wentworth St Parramatta

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