Soda Factory: Surry Hills (14 June 2013)

I must say hipsters are often at the pinnacle of jokes by many “netizens” (net citizens).  One only needs to have a look at the following meme website, as an example at what is highly sprawled throughout the net. Even though this material often provides me hours of childish laughter at their expense, I do commend hipsters for their uncanny ability to flock to places that make unique and excellent quality food. Soda Factory is one of these places.  Good food and unique. The crowd is young, and trendy.


From the outside, Soda Factory is heavily disguised and there are no signs to indicate the name of the bar (I think we had to make a loop to realize we had walked past it). As you step in, you immediately feel as though you are transported to a 1960s diner resembling Arthur’s milk bar from Happy Days. You are greeted by a friendly bartender/waitress dressed in theme (hair-up bright red lipstick) to tell you to walk through a small red door that leads to the actual bar.


Inside the bar, the lighting is dim, and the interior is decked out with booths, stools, high tables, low tables and even a bike so you can re-enact moment such as Fonzie saying “EYYYYY”. In the corner there are even bottles from back in the era where the bubbles were compressed into the jars of soda after you ordered your drink. For a Friday night, the bar was expectantly busy and it was challenging looking for a spot to put our food and drinks.


The menu is quintessentially American diner with an excellent selection of gourmet hot dogs, chilli cheese fries etc. Everything on the menu is tempting and the night’s meal definitely held back my efforts to lose weight, but all I can say is I have no regrets! I chose the “Buffalo Bill Chicken Dog”, which consists of a deep fried battered chicken sausage, buffalo chicken sauce and cheese (YOLO). Sort of like a dagwood dog in a bun…(but good and high quality). B opts for the “Fats Domino” which consists of a Porks sausage, crab gumbo and cheese. We share the Chilli cheese fries with our friends.


Buffalo Bill Chicken Dog ($10)

The “Buffalo Bill Chicken Dog” was everything I’ve ever wanted in a hot dog. It was that good, I didn’t want to give B a bite. The batter from the chicken sausage is thin like tempura and the crunchiness provides a lovely complimentary texture to the chicken sausage.  Each bite is flavorsome and the sauce is delightfully tangy providing a nice Southern taste. After finishing that one, I immediately want another. B says no.


Fats Domino Hot Dog($10)

The “Fats Domino” is slightly different in style. The dog is smothered with tasty crab gumbo, like holding a spag bol in your hands but in hot dog form or an upside down pizza for those familiar. B worries her hot dog will break from the gumbo (which feels quite saucy) but this doesn’t happen. It’s held nicely. The gumbo is also a little spicy, giving it a nice kick. A nicely executed dog for those that like it saucy.


Chilli Cheese Fries ($7)

 The Chilli cheese fries forms an excellent side to the dogs. Grab some forks and this dish is ready to be shared.

This spot is definitely a recommended spot and gets our “Cheap and Cheerful” recommendation.(Also on Mondays they have tiger beers and all food is $5. Easy Win!)

Soda Factory
16 Wentworth Ave
Surry Hills, NSW

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on “Soda Factory: Surry Hills (14 June 2013)
One Comment on “Soda Factory: Surry Hills (14 June 2013)

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