Best Ramen in Sydney (Top 5)

Ramen is a staple noodle dish in the Japanese diet and is so popular that certain localities within Japan are known for their different styles of Ramen. My favorite style is the Hakata-style ramen, which originates from the northern part of Kyushu (the third largest island located at the bottom of Japan). The Hakata style features a soup made primarily from pork bones (ton-kotsu) and is characterized by its cloudy look and rich flavorful taste. One of the items on the top of my bucket-list would be to tour KyuShu sampling the best Hakata ramen.

I have tried to make the pork bone based broth and I can say even putting in the effort and time, my broth was no-where near the quality that I’ve sampled in Japan and Sydney (thank you internet recipe).  This makes me truly appreciative of the skill and labor involved in preparing a good bowl of ramen. The below is a list of my favorite ramen spots in Sydney in order from favorite at the top. As you probably have noticed, these are skewed towards Ton Kotsu based ramen.

As at March 2015.

1. Gumshara 


2. Ryo’s Noodles (second blog post here)


zundo4. Ippudo (blog post coming soon)

ippudo5. Ichi-ban Boshi


Tell us about your favorite ramen and where it is? Or perhaps we’ve missed a spot? Let us know by commenting below

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on “Best Ramen in Sydney (Top 5)
One Comment on “Best Ramen in Sydney (Top 5)
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