Magnolia Bakery (December 2012): NYC (multiple locations)


Magnolia Bakery storefront

Magnolia Bakery is a beautiful cupcake store chain in NYC that was featured in episode 39 in Sex and the City. Seeing that the girls could not seem to resist the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery, M and I decided to go and check it out as well. The store itself is adorable, with beautiful frosted cakes and baked goodies on display at the windows. As we walk in, we are both hit by a waft of baked goods aroma coming from the kitchen at the back. There are numerous varieties of cupcakes on display, and we (along with a dozen others) stand back  hmming and umming whilst trying to decide which cupcakes to buy. 


Baked goods display



Slathering on the icing at the kitchen

After a good five minutes of standing around, we decide on the classic vanilla chocolate cupcake and the pistachio cupcake. We put them on a tray and are hurried along to the cashier, who promptly packs them in a sturdy box that separates the cupcakes from touching one another (perfect for those buying take-away cupcakes that need to travel). There are no seating area within the branch we were at, so we took the cupcakes to a nearby park and sat on a bench to eat. It was all very romantic (minus the razor sharp chilly winds bellowing in our faces), and the cupcakes were delicious!


pistachio and chocolate vanilla cupcakes

The vanilla chocolate cupcake had a soft and fluffy vanilla cupcake base, and was topped with an impressively thick chocolate icing. I usually always run out of icing when I eat cupcakes, but there was more than enough icing to be rationed throughout the cupcake. The pistachio cupcake was also delicious, though I preferred the velvety chocolate icing in contrast to the creamier pistachio icing.

Magnolia Bakery
(Multiple locations)
401 Bleecker St and W. 11th St

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