Ramen Zundo: Sydney (3 May 2013)

I must admit at the start of the year, a fear came across me. There were only 2 great ton-kotsu (pork-bone) based ramen options in Sydney (Gumshara and Ryo’s) and if any of them were to close I would be sure to suffer withdrawal symptoms. *Ichiban’s tonkotsu ramen is also fantastic, that is if you’re lucky enough to be the one in a thousandth customer to get the 10 bowls they make each day. My fears were alleviated as first Ippudo arrived and now Ramen Zundo has opened up.

The first time I came across Ramen Zundo was after a dinner at Din Tai Fung (located upstairs) with my parents. Having a leisurely stroll towards the car, I notice a new Japanese restaurant in the laneway where most the restaurants and takeaway shops are located. I check out the menu and to my delight they have a number of ton-kotsu based ramen options. As it was closed at the time, I peered in and I was impressed by the well-decorated walls which incorporate traditional Japanese styling. It is attractive and the tabling and chairs remain modern. I have affirmed that I must return, if not for the food then at least for a place that looks clean and inviting.


Emails from friends that work in World Square and the vicinity began flooding my inbox urging me to try Ramen Zundo and that its one of the best ramen they’ve eaten. They have seriously hyped up this ramen for me.

As it was my first time at Ramen Zundo, I order the white ramen which is their signature dish. I wait in huge anticipation, similar to when I was eagerly awaiting for Domino’s to reveal their big secret. Unlike the Domino’s announcement, I was not disappointed.  Ramen Zundo claims their broth is made by pork bones that have been boiled for over 12 hours. This is evident as the ramen is very flavoursome and thick (although not as thick as Gumshara’s offering). The ramen contains the usual items one would expect such as bamboo shoots, seaweed, cabbage and cha shu (pork slices). These items I normally don’t take much notice but the chashu which was definitely a standout. These thin slices of pork were so tender and soft that it melted in my mouth. Fantastic! The ramen noodles are thicker than usual (made in house) and are cooked al dente, perfect just like how ramen should be. As for portion size, I was well satisfied and did not require additional noodles although that is an option for the very hungry.


Ramen Zundo is definitely a well-priced fantastic addition into the ramen scene in Sydney. As such it deserves our “Cheap and Cheerful” recommendation.

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Ramen Zundo
Shop 1030 World Square
644 George St, NSW
Ramen Zundo on Urbanspoon

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on “Ramen Zundo: Sydney (3 May 2013)
One Comment on “Ramen Zundo: Sydney (3 May 2013)
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