Yakitori Totto (December 2012): NYC

Yakitori Totto was one of our favourite hidden finds when we were in NYC. It feels as if we had stepped into Tokyo, as we walked up the stairs into the quaint restaurant. The restaurant itself is dark and energetic, and the menu showcases an extensive range of grilled skewers options, as well as other dishes (e.g. rice and dessert dishes). The crowd at the Yakitori Totto seems to be made mostly of local Japanese workers in NYC so we take that as a good sign and start happily ordering away.


Up the long stairs


Watching the chefs grilling the skewers as we eat


Wet towels for us before we start eating


Adorable china and soy sauce holder


An energetic team hard at work grilling skewers


Sunagimo (gizzard)


Chicken thigh


Chicken Oyster (rare part of thigh)

I am normally not a huge fan of chicken as I feel that the meat is dried out easily, but both the chicken skewers we had were tender and juicy.


Mizore Gake (eggplant & mochi)

Whilst Yakitori Totto does specialise in their grilled skewers (especially the chicken ones), the highlight of the night for me was their Mizore Gake. It consisted of a thick slice of eggplant deep-fried and served with mochi. It is then topped drowned in a sweet spicy sauce containing daikon and nemeko mushroom and is dangerously addictive. The mochi balls were soft and chewy, and both the mochi and the eggplant soaked up the juices of the sauce perfectly.


Nankotsu Tsukune

This was one of M’s favourite yakitori skewers we chose – it consisted of a meat mixture that was moulded onto the stick and then grilled. Really tasty and not too heavy.

To finish the meal off we chose to order the apricot infused tofu dessert. We had been eating all day (as you do when you go on holidays) and wanted something light. THe tofu dessert was exactly that – light and creamy, and at the same time incredibly rich and velvety. If only Yakitori Totto was in Sydney… I could really see it as a local hangout I would frequent.
Yakitori Totto
251 W 55th St NYC

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