Mr Crackles: Darlinghurst (18 May 2013)

It was one normal boring afternoon. I look at my phone, scroll down my Facebook newsfeed like a drone, look at post after post about friends complaining about the weather, city rail and work etc and give a yawn. All of a sudden one post/photo caught my attention. It was a small bucket of pork crackle from a small shop called Mr Crackles. I begin to drool and I make a mental note that I must make a visit. Unfortunately on our visit, they ran out of their bucket of crackle (which I’ve heard happens quite often).

Located on the main Oxford Street strip in Darlinghurst, Mr Crackles is a small take away shop run set up by 2 ex fine-dining chefs (Carlos Justo and Sam Horowitz). The menu is simple and split amongst 3 broad categories of Rolls, Meats with Salad (for the low-carb conscious I assume?) and Hot dogs and sides. The menu as you can probably gather by now is not for those looking for a healthy feed. For those who don’t believe me, there’s an item named the Manwich roll which offers double the meat and half the salad. Although the Manwich is definitely tempting, we order the Crackles Classic, Big 12’’ dog and the hot chips with rosemary.


The Crackles Classic pork roll is fantastic. The team does not skip on any areas or processes on making the perfect pork roll. The roast pork itself takes 3 days to prepare. As part of this process a perfect combination of salts and spices are added to provide the best texture whilst also bring out the best potential flavors from the pork. The pork is so tender and flavorsome that each bite is a spectacle. Although I missed out on the bucket of crackling, the roll is topped with small pieces of crackling to add that surprise burst of salty pork fat flavor. The bread roll itself is from the excellent French patisserie, Laurent bakery. The bread crust is crispy whilst the crumb portion soft and elasticy. Complementing the strong scent of the roast pork, the bread still provides a subtle and pleasing aroma of freshly baked bread.


The hot dog is similar to most classic hot dogs and to be honest nothing that special. If you had to choose between the pork rolls and the hot dog, go the Pork Roll. It is the clear winner here.


The chips are perfectly fried, thin and nicely crunchy. The rosemary adds that extra flavor making it a class above the local chicken shop’s “chips with chicken salt”.

DSC_9468 DSC_9462

I’ve been glad that Mr Crackles has opened on this street as quality unique takeaway shops seems to have become a rarity on this once gourmet-centric street.  Highly recommended!


Mr Crackles
155 Oxford St
Darlinghurst, NSW
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