The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay Restaurant: Glebe (27 June 2013)

Happy Birthday B!

After being immensely spoiled last year for my birthday (see post), the task to make B’s birthday equally special was going to be incredibly challenging. With so many dining options and finding one that B has not gone to, this task was not going to be easy. We eventually decide on the classic and veteran Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay restaurant.  The Boathouse is located in Glebe, right on the water’s edge. The location is superb and the view from the restaurant is breath-taking, with panoramic views spanning the Anzac bridge, fish markets and the Sydney sky line.

The fascade from Ferry street doesn’t reveal anything of what to expect inside. From the outside the restaurant clearly resembles its boat house heritage and there are literally no hints that it’s been converted to one of the best and well known restaurants in Sydney. The interior is classic, elegant and modern. White linen is laid-out on tables, silver cutlery along with clear wine glasses and white simple china plates. The restaurant is further surrounded by large clear windows creating the illusion like you’re dining on water.


The restaurant is quintessentially seafood oriented and the menu will clear any doubt around that fact. One of the pages in the menu is basically devoted to oysters, with about a dozen types on offer. This choice is a bit overwhelming but our waitress was knowledgeable and assisted in choosing half a dozen oysters for us to begin our meal. The oysters were fresh, full of flavour, creamy and bold. Each type truly distinct and owning its own unique character. Also worth noting is that the oysters are all freshly shucked upon ordering.


For our mains, B chose the signature Snapper Pie with Smoked Tomato and Mashed Potato. Their pie is so well-known amongst foodie circles that whenever one mentions the Boathouse, it’s immediately followed up with the question “did you order the snapper pie?” When the pie is bought out from the kitchen, the waiter breaks the pie in half and serves it onto a porcelain plate along with the mash and tomato. The pastry of the pie is fluffy, soft and delightfully chewy. The contents of the pie include a generous serving of tender snapper pieces drowned in a seafood based creamy gravy. The pieces are beautifully cooked, tender and fall apart nicely. The gravy complements the fish, enhancing the flavour whilst also providing that country home-cooked feel. Overall it’s incredibly pleasing and very well executed. The portion is large and could be passed as a share dish.


I chose the Roast Bermagui Blue Eye Travella, Prawn Zucchinni Flower. There are no complaints about the fish. It was a good dish but putting it next to such a stellar dish (being the snapper pie) it feels a bit average.


As for the sides, we ordered the Hand Cut Chips with Aoli. These chips were seriously the best chips I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. They were thickly cut, well seasoned, perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s that good that I’m surprised this isn’t their signature dish. From now when people mention the Boathouse to me, I will most certainly reply “Did you try the chips?”


We also the Steamed Broccolini, bread crumbs and soft egg which complemented the fish dishes nicely.


For all the Casanovas looking for a superb date spot, look no further. The boat house offers the complete package of great views, excellent service, relaxing atmosphere and great seafood. Book around sunset and watch the day transform to night and the lights from Anzac bridge glisten on the water adding that little extra magic to your evening.


Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay
Ferry Rd, Glebe, NSW 2037
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