The Burger Bistro (December 2012): NYC



The Burger Bistro at Upper East Side NYC

One of the main food groups that M and I tried to “conquer” was burgers.  Within our month-long stay at NYC we tried as many burger places as possible (and my jeans can verify). We had a few favourites, including the Burger Bistro. The Burger Bistro is a burger restaurant chain that is headed by co-owners John and Vincent. They currently have two locations in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge and Park Slope) and one in NYC (Upper East Side). One of their philosophies is to allow their guests to create their own version of their “best” burger, which I think is a fantastic and fun idea. Being Asian, I also love their daily specials. We went on a Tuesday, which meant free toppings for all eat-in orders!


Down to serious business! Choosing the extra toppings for our custom burger

For our burger that was made to order, we chose to go for the beef burger topped with American cheese, a fried egg, caramelized onions and Portobello mushroom (all toppings free on Tuesday yay!). To make it a slightly “healthier” meal, we chose to go with the wholemeal bun and ordered a side salad. The beef patty was thick and juicy, and you could choose to get it cooked to your liking. We chose medium rare, and were pleased to see that the centre was still pink and juicy. The toppings are $1.50 each, so having gone on a Tuesday we did save a few dollars. However if we were to go again on another day, I would still have chosen the same toppings because they were delicious (especially the large-sized Portobello mushroom)!


Our custom made beef patty burger with a fried egg, portobello mushroom and sauteed onions

Unfortunately for our waist-lines, we could not resist ordering one of the “create your own” ice cream sandwiches. We chose to go with the chocolate chip cookie sandwich base with a vanilla ice cream centre. The chocolate cookie was soft and chewy, whilst the vanilla ice cream was rich and creamy. Perfect finish to the meal!


Choc-chip vanilla ice cream sandwich

The Burger Bistro (multiple locations
1663 First Ave NYC

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on “The Burger Bistro (December 2012): NYC
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