Via Napoli Pizzeria: Lane Cove (19 June 2013)

After hearing good things about Via Napoli Pizzeria from a few friends, M and I decided to make the drive down there on a rainy Tuesday evening (actually I had attempted to go with K on a Monday night but we learnt that it was closed on Mondays). Via Napoli Pizzeria is owned by Luigi Esposito and is run by a team of servers with heavy Italian accents (always a good sign!). As the name suggests, the pizzeria aims to re-create the pizzas and dishes from the Neapolitan region of Italy, and specialises in light and fluffy pizzas, prosciutto and mozzarella. They must be doing something right since the restaurant was packed when we went at 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening.

DSC_0990 (1)

Busy outdoor seating area of Via Napoli Pizzeria

The restaurant is well-run and the staff seemed to cope with the many hungry customers relatively well. The seating is incredibly cramped though, and we found ourselves sitting within centimetres from our neighbours (and we kept receiving their dishes and vice versa). Having said that, all was forgiven and forgotten when the food arrived (and they arrive quick too!).

DSC_0971 (1)

Caprese Di Bufala $16

For starters, we ordered the Caprese Di Bufala salad. This was our type of salad! The mozzarella ball at the centre of the “salad” was substantial in size, and was sitting on top of a few slices of thick juicy tomatoes and some rocket leaves. The mozzarella is clearly the highlight here and it does not disappoint. Good mozzarella is hard to find and the one at Via Napoli Pizzeria was creamy, fibrous and milky in taste. FYI, they also sell a range of cheese and prosciutto for customers to take home!

DSC_0980 (1)

Vesuvio Pizza $20/42/62

Next came the pizza. The pizzas come in 3 size options – 13 inch, 0.5m or 1m. For the pizza we chose the Vesuvio, which consisted of a tomato sauce base topped with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, ham, salami, pepper and basil. Although it only took them around 10 minutes for the pizza to come out, it was definitely one of the better pizzas we have had in Sydney for a while. The base was light and fluffy, and did not leave us with the feeling of “bloatedness” that usually follows a pizza meal. They also use quality ingredients such as the San Marzano tomatoes that gave the pizza base a sweetness and tartness tinge, and was topped by thin slices of spicy salami and again their amazingly milky mozzarella cheese.


Via Napoli Pizzeria store front

While it seems near impossible to get through a meal without nudging or elbowing your fellow neighbour diners with their impossibly tight seating arrangements, the pizzas and mozzarella were both too good for us to not return! Looking forward to trying some of their delicious looking pasta dishes next time too.

Via Napoli Pizzeria
141 Longueville Rd
Lane Cove
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