Pie Tin: Newtown (16 June 2013)

Like a fat kid likes pie…

Unfortunately for me, while I was studying for my CFA exam I grazed continuously for nearly 3-4 months on an array of junk food whilst also halting my exercise regime.  Subsequently I put on a few extra kilograms and became that stereotypical fat kid. But who can blame me, the gourmet pies at Pie Tin are truly superb and I was (and still am) truly infatuated with their pies.

Pie Tin is located on Brown St, a quiet side street off the main road. If it wasn’t for the numerous positive reviews from Urbanspoon and other bloggers, I probably wouldn’t be aware of Pie Tin’s existence.  The restaurant can be easily overlooked even when actively searching for it. The boring grey exterior doesn’t exactly yell out “Awesome Pies available over here”. There is small signage outside, but it is simple and quite humble (both of which, are excellent characteristics for a good pie but perhaps not for signs).



Upon entering the restaurant you feel as though you walk into a flagship dealership for pies with nearly all types of savory and sweet options available. And I literally mean all types.

  • For savory pies ($5.80-$6.80), their options range from beef brisket to sweet roasted duck to creamy chicken and many more. Furthermore there is an option to add sides to your meal, which adds that little bit extra for those after more than just a pie. ($11-$12)
  • For sweet pies($7.50-$8.50), the list is equally as impressive with options such as blackforest meringue pie, brown butter pecan pie, classic America pumpkin pie…and the list continues…




As the menu is so extensive, the decision is all that more difficult as each pie is equally enticing. I make the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make on a Saturday afternoon and order the “Sunday Roast” pie with sides of coleslaw and baked beans. The Sunday roast contains a perfect proportion of slow roasted lamb with baked spuds, pumpkin, peas and mint gravy. The lamb was tender and the effect of being slowly cooked infused the fragrant lamb aroma into the pumpkin, peas and gravy.  It really did feel like a traditional Sunday roast but in pie form.

DSC_0955For the sweet option, B chose the classic banoffee pie. The pie doesn’t deviate too much from its traditional English roots. It contains the main crumbed biscuit pastry, banana, cream, walnut and crucial caramel toffee. The pie is excellently executed, generous in serving size and each quality ingredient complements each other in perfect proportion (i.e. there is enough cream to balance out the the rich sweet flavours from the crumb base and toffee). The coffee here isn’t bad either, but its more a necessity. Can’t have such a sweet cake without coffee!

Even though the Pie Tin has been open for a while and I am probably the zillionith person to write about the Pie Tin, I’ll repeat what most bloggers have basically said; the pies here are fantastic.

Pie Tin
1A Brown St
Newtown, NSW
The Pie Tin on Urbanspoon

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