RivaReno Gelato: Darlinghurst (1 July 2013)

After a glutinous Monday night of feasting from $3 plates at Toko to another Classic Crackles roll at Mr Crackles, we decided to end it on a sweet note at RivaReno Gelato (located around the corner from Mr Crackles). As we turn the corner, I feel a sense of panic as the shop looks closed from where we are. The light is on but there is no one at the front. We hesitantly push the door and a sense of relief washes through when it opens. It turns out that the owner of RiverReno (Kieran Toselini) was busy working in the room next door (in the RivaReno Gelato Laboratorio) to churn out a new batch gelato.


Busy working away churning a new batch of gelato

Realising that we were outside, Kieran promptly comes in to serve us and is wonderfully friendly and knowledgable in describing his gelato and the various flavours. He then senses our indecisiveness in making the hard decision of which flavours to choose, and offers us trials of the flavours we were deciding between. After trying a few (pistachio, mango, NY) I end up deciding on Sorbetto al cioccolato extra bitter (Extra Dark Chocolate Sorbet) whilst M goes for the Fior di panna (white cream pure gelato with a touch of Madagascar’s bourbon vanilla).

The gelato are all made on site in the laboratory by Kieran, and are later stored in gelato cylinders (pozzetti) in order to allow them to be stored at a slightly higher temperature (and to seal in the taste and flavour of the amazing fresh ingredients he uses). There are no artificial colourings used – only fresh, real ingredients and this is evident in both the occasionally rich and subtle flavours of the gelato here. I am a huge dark chocolate fan (especially for Haigh’s 51% dark chocolate) and I was thoroughly converted to RivaReno’s gelato after having their velvety rich and intense extra dark chocolate sorbet. M was also raving about their version of vanilla gelato, appreciating the subtle creamy flavours of the gelato.


Instagraming our gelato #nomnom


DSC_1525Kieran Tosolini takes his gelato making serious, and the time and effort he has invested into learning the art of gelato making is evident with the authentic wonderful gelato and sorbet flavours we tried today. We will definitely be back to try some of the more “daring flavours” next time.

RivaReno Gelato
280 Crown St Darlinghurst 2010

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