Épicerie Boulud: NYC (December 2012)


Épicerie Boulud

Like a kid in a candy store, I excitedly ran from stall to stall in Daniel Boulud’s Épicerie Boulud that stored shelves and shelves of gourmet goodies as well as an eat-in and take-out market-style eatery. Owned by Daniel Boulud, it offers everything ranging from house-made charcuterie (in partnership with award winning Parisian Charcutier Gilles Verot), freshly baked breads, macarons to cheeses, oysters and Sacelby Cheesemongers. You can also buy gourmet condiments and foods selected by Daniel Boulud and his chefs from their world travels. It is also located conveniently across the road from Lincoln Center, which makes it an easy pit stop for theatre goers and tourists alike.

After having spent a good half an hour or so of selecting a range of goodies from the shelves, we cross over the their hotdog stand. There’s a decent variety of hotdogs to be ordered, and we end up getting two – the Bánh Mi and “unknown” (just because we both have terrible memories and cannot remember for the life of it what we ordered for our second hotdog). What we do remember though is that the Bánh Mi was special – expensive, yes, but definitely worth it. Boulud’s Bánh Mi differentiates itself from the many varieties of the crusty Vietnamese roll around NYC with it’s quality (and some imported) ingredients. He combines their homemade Thai sausage with a thick slice of country paté and a slice of imported Parisian ham. Furthermore it is topped with in-store pickled radish and carrot slaw, mint, cilantro and a creamy jalapeno mayo that gives the bun a subtle kick.

Whilst there are many Bánh Mi options around NYC (and some that are more authentic), Boulud’s Bánh Mi offers theatre goers an option of having something quick and relatively “cheap” to eat around the area that is fresh and tasty (as well as an excuse to look around the shop for snacks and condiments).


Freshly baked bread


Mmm making our Bánh Mi


The “unknown” hotdog we ordered


Bánh Mi

Épicerie Boulud
1900 Broadway NY

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