St Jude: Redfern (06 July 2013)


St Jude

It has been a while since my excitement for a dish has carried on throughout the day until I realise I am still dreaming about the same dish the following day… and yet still a few days later. And so I find myself still dreaming about the fluffy corn fritters I had at St Jude’s for brunch on Saturday on a Tuesday evening… Three whole days later.


Cosy interior

St Jude’s is a cosy corner cafe on the quieter Redfern end of Bourke Street. Named after St Jude who was the patron saint of the impossible (lost causes), St Jude cafe has definitely give us hope again in providing us with a cafe that provided us with the winning trifecta (good food, service and value). There’s also a great cosy local vibe here with locals propping themselves around the cosy indoor seating areas, or one of the street-side stools. Just don’t look up at the walls if you’re not a fan of dolls… we got creeped out by a few of them looking eerily back at us when we looked up.

Anyway back to the food.

As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, their corn fritters are what my foodie dreams are made out of. They are fatter than your average cafe’s corn fritters, and are fried to a golden crunchy perfection on the outside whilst maintaining the fluffiest creamiest pumpkin puree studded with sweet corn pieces on the inside. There is a slight tang to the sweet corn and pumpkin fritters, which is nicely offset with the creaminess of the hollandaise sauce and the runny egg yolk.


Sweet corn and pumpkin fritters ($14.50)

Besides for the corn fritters we also ordered the avocado smash and the baked beans with poached eggs. Both were hearty well-made dishes, but the corn fritters was by far the stand-out for me.


Baked beans


Avocado smash with salsa, fresh spinach and feta (plus an extra side poached egg)

Besides for the food menu, they also make an excellent cuppa coffee using an organic Pervuvian blend from the boutique Rush Roasting Co. The coffees are served up in slightly smaller than usual blue cups, which makes the coffee taste richer and slightly more bitter with the smaller milk to espresso ratio.


Soy Cappuccino

Whilst a number of sites have clients that have negatively commented on the service at St Jude, we had no issues with the service during their busy Saturday morning service. The servers were all friendly and efficient, and we did not feel hurried to leave at any point of time. Overall a great cafe find in Redfern away from most of the hustle and bustle (and with easy parking too)!


Pastry selection


St Jude

St Jude
Cnr Turlow and Bourke Streets Redfern
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