Dose Espresso: Willoughby (30 June 2013)

Pet friendly, kid friendly and a hint of hipster. Welcome to the lower North Shore. And yes the soy is still bonsoy. Dose Espresso opened in Willoughby over a year and half ago. The café has quickly built a reputation for its focus on delivering the best espresso, even attracting patrons from across the harbor to try their coffee.



The focus on coffee is clearly evident and the café is essentially run by coffee geek. Let me list a few dot points:

  • The owner Sam Gabrielian owns his own boutique roasting company ‘Caffe di Gabriel’. Sam is also former chairperson of the Australian Barista Guild;
  • The café offers specialty beans of different varieties in addition to their in house coffee bean;
  • Coffee lovers are spoilt for choice with all varieties of coffee including affogatos, single origin etc.
  • You walk into the café and you can smell freshly roasted coffee in the atmosphere;
  • In the central table there is a cold drip coffee “machine”;
  • They have an in-house coffee roasting machine, (kind of like coffee machine porn for those that really love their coffee).

So what’s my verdict on my soy cap? The coffee is one of the smoothest and most aromatic coffee I’ve had in a long while, and it’s soon to become my local spot for a quick morning coffee. I also love not having to park my SUV in a parking spot fit for a smart car when I go to the cafes in Surry Hills, Newtown etc.




The food here is not as spectacular as the coffee. Still good, but doesn’t have the “X-factor” that the coffee bought. I ordered the free range scrambled eggs with roasted tomato on sour dough ($10) whilst B ordered the organic fruit loaf with ricotta and honey ($6.50) The scrambled eggs are fluffy and quite creamy however the toast was a bit too crunchy for my liking. There was also nothing too special about the fruit loaf with ricotta and honey. It was however thoughtful of Dose to put the ricotta and honey in separate containers as it allowed us to leisurely eat the toast with our coffees without the loaf getting soggy.





Dose Espresso
187-191 High St
Willoughby North, NSW
Dose Espresso on Urbanspoon

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