Five Napkin Burger: NYC (December 2012)


Five Napkin Burger (Hell’s Kitchen)

Five Napkin Burger is a popular NY-based burger restaurant chain that was opened by the owners of the UWS restaurant Nice Matin after they realised that one of their signature burger was good (and popular) enough to create a burger chain. Justin Timberlake is also said to be a partial-owner of the Hell’s Kitchen location (according to our food tour guide… and yes we became the stereotypical Asians with a camera swung around our necks going on tours in NYC).

We visited the Hell’s Kitchen location one to check out what all the fuss was about after being recommended to go there by a few people (our food tour guide, a local we met on the streets, and another tour guide). Unlike many of the other burger joints we visited, Five Napkin Burger’s menu was far more than just burgers. They serve up a diverse menu ranging from freshly made sushi to lobster rolls and of course their juicy burgers.

We tried the Hells Kitchen location as it was located just down the road from where we were staying. It is best to make a booking as they get pretty busy, and we found ourselves with a waiting buzzer in line for a 20-30 minutes wait on a Thursday night at 6pm. For those who do find themselves within the neighbourhood with no booking, the waiting process is thankfully pretty easy as there is a bar area towards the side of the restaurant that you can wait at with a few cocktails or beers to make the time go faster.

Seeing that we had been eating out around NYC for a few weeks by this point, we decided that one of our mains would have to be a salad (to try and slow down the rate of our sideways growth). So with our BMI in mind, we ordered the blackened shrimp salad to share, as well as the obligatory original 5 Napkin Burger.


Original Five Napkin Burger 

The original 5 Napkin Burger consisted of 10oz. freshly ground chuck meat patty, topped with melted cheese, caramelised onions and rosemary aioli. It is a simple winning combination usage of quality ingredients, of which they are all sandwiched between a soft white roll and served with a bed of crunchy in-house made fries. What made this burger memorable from most of the other burgers we had tried in NYC was the thick juicy patty. It was juicier than all the other burgers we had tried, and had a sweet meaty aftertaste.


Blackened Shrimp Salad

The salad was also quite a substantial meal in itself. It consisted of juicy blacked shrimps scattered along the top of a pile of mixed leaves, crispy tortilla strips, pepitas, jicama, red onions, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, roasted corn, coriander and all tossed through with a lime vinaigrette. By itself it was a great salad, however if we were to go back to 5NB again we would be ordering a burger each as it was that good!

Five Napkin Burger
630 9th Ave NYC

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