Tokkuri Sake Wine Bar: Cammeray (14 July 2013)

On a lazy Sunday morning we decided to venture out to our neighbouring suburb Cammeray in search for a restaurant that was recommended to us from friends for their fresh sashimi. The restaurant was Tokkuri, a modern Japanese restaurant and sake bar located in the peaceful courtyard area of Stockland Mall at Cammeray. We went there for lunch and was promptly seated in a quiet corner table that had a plushy sofa-like seat.


Plush sofa bench seating

After skimming over their lunch specials menu, we decided to opt for the Tokkuri Bento that sounded like a good “oveview” dish and the delectable sounding baked hokkaido scallops lunch set. Compared to our usual Japanese lunch joint Jurin, the prices seemed quite steep for “lunch specials”. The Bento box was $28 whilst the scallops was $22 (compared to the average $9-10 lunch sets at Jurin). However all reservations disappeared when the Bento arrived at the table.


Tokkuri Bento $28

The Tokkuri Bento set consisted of 7 pieces of fresh sashimi (salmon, tuna and kingfish), 4 pieces of california roll sushi, 3 juicy pieces of chicken teriyaki pieces, assorted tempura (ebi, capsicum, pumpkin, zucchini), and 2 succulent pieces of baked orange roughy with a sweet miso glaze. The orange roughy was a modern twist to the usual Japanese bento we get, though I found the fish a little too sweet. The tempura was delectably crisp having been freshly fried to order, and the batter was not overly thick. However the highlight would definitely have to be the sashimi – especially the salmon. Each piece was wonderfully fatty, fresh and thickly cut – definitely one of the fresher sashimi offerings I have had for a while.


Baked hokkaido scallops


Hokkaido scallops lunch set accompaniments

Whilst the scallops were wonderfully juicy and marinated well in a sweet creamy hokkaido sauce, we were slightly disappointed in the small portion of the scallops lunch set. Although they did offer a side of rice, miso soup and salad with the scallops, we felt that the scallops lunch set would not be enough to fill most people (as we would have been hungry had we not shared the more substantial Bento box set).

Overall Tokkuri was a peaceful alternative to many other lunch options – offering us no lines, easy parking and a modern and clean eating environment. The sashimi is also wonderfully fresh, and the lunch bento set provided us with a great selection that satisfied our Japanese cravings (albeit the slightly higher price tag for lunch specials). And as a bonus, there is a Harris Farm across from Tokkuri so we could do our weekly vegie/fruit grocery shop after lunch!



450 Miller St Cammeray
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