Makoto Sushi Bar: Chatswood (20 June 2013)

Makato Sushi Bar has been around in Chatswood for a few years now and has established and (continually maintained) a solid reputation for excellent fresh sushi and sashimi. There is a wide variety of items to choose from the train as well as additional hand rolls and made to order items such as udon and soups.

Unfortunately in Sydney where there is good food, there are usually queues to get in (think Mamak on Goulbourn Street, Sydney). Makato is one of those restaurants that many people would brave the queues and outdoor conditions to get a seat. However a little consolation for those waiting during the cold winter nights, the staff are quite attentive and aware of the cold conditions and will regularly bring green tea to warm everyone up. (* There are heaters outside too but i thought having the staff bring tea outside was definitely a nice gesture). This time round we went for Saturday lunch with family (table for 5) and having arrived early at 11.45am, we were quite pleased that we didn’t have to wait long to be seated. Even at this time however, the restaurant was already at near capacity.

Inside, the restaurant is clean and uncluttered and the staff are courteous and attentive. In the middle you can also watch the sushi chefs work their magic as they whip up the different varieties of sushi and sashimi. The train is also well laid out and even has small placards showing what type of sashimi is in the respective sections, as well displaying bullet points on the respective health benefits and characteristics of each type of sashimi.

In terms of recommendations on what to choose, I haven’t had anything i didn’t like yet, but i can never go past their seafood or nabeyaki udon especially during the winter months. Also go for the handrolls as are freshly made and mitigates the chance of choosing something from the train that has gone around a few too many loops.

DSC_3231 noodle soup salmon sushi sushi1 prawnnmochisushi

Makoto Chatswood
336 Victoria Ave,
Chatswood, NSW

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