Toriciya Japanese: Cammeray (24th July 2013)

Located amongst a small strip of restaurants in Cammeray, Toriciya is a hidden gem hidden behind an unassuming facade. Once we passed the sliding doors, we were greeted by a friendly waitress who took the reservations. Unfortunately our reservation seemingly had gotten lost, but luckily there was a small table left in the outdoor dining room for us that they were able to add seats to. After the initial minor hiccup, we were soon transported into an evening of flawless service and authentic Japanese food (and it always helps with the “authenticity” when your neighbouring tables are speaking in Japanese).


Toriciya entrance


Large sashimi


Large sashimi

For starters we ordered a large plate of sashimi (15 pieces) and a kingfish jalapeno carpaccio to share. The menu at Toriciya was exciting and extensive, and we were torn between going for some of their tapas style dishes (think popcorn prawn) or going for the more traditional sashimi starters. In the end we stayed with tradition and was greeted with 15 large fresh juicy pieces of assorted sashimi and a very flavoursome kingfish carpaccio. The assorted sashimi plate consisted of salmon and bluefin tuna, as well as the more adventurous yellow fin and flute fish, all accompanied by a wonderfully fragrant serving of freshly grounded wasabi.


Kingfish and Jalapeno Carpaccio

The kingfish and jalapeno carpaccio was on their specials menu for the night, and consisted of 8 thinly sliced fresh kingfish pieces topped with a dollop of fresh wasabi, lying in a bed of slightly spicy jalapeno citrusy sauce.


Chicken wings

Since Toriciya was originally established as a Yakitori bar in 1991, we thought we had better try some of the various parts of chicken grilled on bamboo skewers options. We opted for the chicken wings, chicken giblets and quail eggs. There is the option of either grilling it in sauce or with salt, which gives the customers further freedom in deciding how they like their yakitori skewers cooked. We opted mainly for the sauce option as there was a general consensus amongst us that we liked our meat saucy and moist. All three yakitori skewers that we tried had a lovely smokiness to the meat, though the highlight would have to be the quail eggs that was slightly smoky and charred on the outside whilst retaining a lovely creaminess with the tender yolk on the inside.


Quail eggs


Nabeyaki hot pot udon

For something more substantial, we ordered the nabeyaki hot pot udon and kingfish wing to share. The udon noodles were chewy and bouncy, and it was fun slurping up the udon with a spoonful of the warming sweet broth. The kingfish wing was also warming, and was deceivingly meaty and filling. The meat was moist and tender, and the dipping sauce it came with coated the meat with a subtle sweetness.


Kingfish wing


Oven baked savoy cabbage

We also ordered one obligatory vegetable dish – the oven baked savoy cabbage. It consisted of crunchy pieces of cabbage pieces served in a pool of truffle & citrus sauce that was refreshing and indulgent. This was the dish that the waiter had strongly recommended, and by all means it was one of the best damn cabbage dish I have ever eaten.

Overall we had a flawless night at Toriciya, filled with authentic well-cooked dishes. The highlights from the night though would have to be the sashimi, quail eggs, kingfish wing and the oven baked cabbage. We did not have a chance to try out their sake menu that night, but will have to go back to try and pair some of their extensive sake options with their yakitori menu.

Toriciya Japanese
18 Cammeray Rd Cammeray

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