Tonkotsu Ya: Chatswood (3 August 2013)

Tonkotsu Ya or Tonkotsu Nah, that’s the question for today’s blog post.

We are really getting spoilt for choice with tonkotsu based hakata ramen, especially with the recent additions of Ippudo, Ikkyu and Zundo. And having had all three within the last week (including Hakata Maru) I asked myself do I really want to eat another bowl of ramen this week. Of course I could, especially as the world’s biggest Ozbargainer, my dad, informed me that for their Grand Special they had a whopping 50% off all their noodles, that’s only $4.40 for their basic hakata ramen and $5.90 for their Cha-Shu Ramen, and on top of that you get a free refill of ramen. How can you go wrong?

A few years, the spot next to May’s Malaysian in the Mandarin Food court was occupied by one of the best Barbeque Pork takeaway shops in Sydney (in my opinion). I was quite saddened when it closed, as it was always my go to dish after church each week. Since then I rarely revisited the Mandarin Centre except for the odd occasion to get cheap sushi or to watch a movie that’s about to come out on DVD.

Tonkotsu Ka’s ramen isn’t bad, it’s not the best ramen you can get in Sydney but it’s not the worst either. I tried the Chashu ramen this time. The ramen broth is nice and tasty and is definitely on par with Ippudo’s in terms of both taste and texture. The noodles seem to come from a pack though, which is a little disappointing and it wasn’t as al dente as other options such as Menya’s, Ippudos or Ikkyus. The noodles are ok just not as good as some of the best in Sydney. In terms of portion size, this is where Tonkotsu Ka excels. There was so much Cha Shu (Pork) in the ramen that I didn’t ever feel the need to ration my serving of pork to each bite. Also as mentioned before, you can get a free second serving of noodles, enough to cure anyone’s hunger levels.

For 50% off all their noodles until the 15th August, it’s a bargain (and truly belongs on the front page of and you can definitely count on me coming back a few times. At full price, it’s still an option that’s near the top my list if I’m in Chatswood and looking for a quick meal but it’s not somewhere I’d go out of my way to go.



Tonkotsu Ya
Foodcourt at Mandarin Center Chatswood

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on “Tonkotsu Ya: Chatswood (3 August 2013)
One Comment on “Tonkotsu Ya: Chatswood (3 August 2013)

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