Battle of the Burgers: Chur burger vs Mary’s (July 2013)

With the cold weather looming around us, M and I have been running to and from various comfort food joints. One of our favourite comfort foods is “the burger”. I love burgers – beef patty burgers in particular. I love the juiciness of a well made burger – the juicy, meaty goodness running down my hands when I’m grabbing the burger by my two hands. In recent months there has been a good explosion of new burger joints opening, and M and I have been “busy” braving areas with near-impossible parking to try these burgers. Two of our favourite finds have been Chur Burger and Mary’s. Both are quite different in terms of their target demographics and location, but both places make pretty damn good juicy burgers.

Chur Burger is located in a relatively peaceful corner location in Surry Hills. When we went on a weekday night, the crowd was an eclectic mix of city workers, young families and uni students. The table system is pretty easy (just find a table or part of a table that is free and plonk yourselves down) and the menu is easy to follow. I love how Chur’s menu is simply split into burgers (all $10), snacks (all $10), sides (all $5) etc. There is also a decent range of burgers and snacks to choose from, and on our visit we opted for the grilled beef burger and the pulled pork burger. For snacks we opted for the miso brisket tacos, bbq chicken wings with blue cheese dressing (and a serving of normal chips as well as the sweet potato fries)… we were pretty hungry… Oh yes and we ordered their milo shake too.

Both burgers were fantastically juicy and flavoursome. I personally liked the pulled pork burger more – really enjoyed the tender pork pieces that was topped with a tangy BBQ sauce, crunchy red slaw and a creamy fennel mayo sauce. All that wedged between two shiny and soft bun pieces equals a good weekday night wind-down. On the other hand M preferred the beef burger that consisted of a juicy grilled beef patty topped with cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and pickles. However what really makes Chur burger a good joint to visit is their good offerings of snacks. Both the miso brisket tacos and the bbq chicken wings were scrumptious. The chicken wings in particular had an amazing combination of flavours – with the smokiness of the bbq chicken wings being complemented perfectly by the creaminess of the rich blue cheese dressing.


Chur Burger’s Grilled Beef Burger ($10)


Pulled Pork Burger


BBQ chicken wings with blue cheese dressing


Miso brisket tacos and fries

Compared to the menu at Chur Burger, Mary’s menu was considerably more concise. There were only two burger options when we visited – the beef burger or the ‘shroom burger (both served with a side of fries). Naturally we ordered one of each. Both burgers at Mary’s was quite small, and the beef burger reminded me of the ones at Shake Shack in NYC. The beef patty was tender and juicy (albeit the patty being on the thinner side). However it was the bun that was the standout for me here – the bread was soft and fluffy, reminding me of those soft buns you can get from Asian bakeries minus the sweetness. The whole experience took me back to those deliriously good melt-in-your-mouth burgers from Shake Shack. The ‘shroom burger is their vegetarian option on the menu, and consists of one large grilled portobello mushroom wedged between the same soft and fluffy bread buns.


Beef Burger


‘Shroom Burger

Overall both joints serve up fantastic burgers. Mary’s was more of a burger, drinks & music joint; whilst Chur Burger seemed more family friendly, offering a larger menu variety. Because of the variety on the menu (and those addictive chicken wings), I do see myself returning to Chur Burger more frequently over Mary’s. Seating in both places was relatively easy for us as we had gone to both places on a weekday night before 6.30pm. If you drive and parking is part of your decision making, parking at Chur Burger is far easier!

Chur Burger
48 Albion Street Surry Hills NSW 2010

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6 Mary St Newtown NSW 2042

Mary's on Urbanspoon

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  1. hahah i think tacos were on par with the burgers!

    thanks for the heads up, havent tried the burgers at jones the grocers yet but their cakes are amaze balls

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