The Rook: Sydney CBD (16 August 2013)

One of the eateries that I miss most from New York was the Original Soup-man (the shop that inspired the “Soup Nazi” episode from Seinfeld). I recall going back on numerous occasions, not just for their infamous hearty soups but also for their lobster rolls. Up until the trip to New York, I had never experienced a lobster roll and upon my departure from the Big Apple I sadly pondered when I would next experience such a delicacy.

This brings me to The Rook.

DSC_4121 DSC_4079The Rook is a roof top bar located in the heart of Sydney, parallel to Sydney Westfield but on the other side of George Street. The lift to the bar is located in a discrete and “oldish” business building. My tip is just make sure you get the right number, 56-58 York street and walk straight in. If you have doubts whether you’re in the right building because the lobby looks quite bleak, then you’ve probably entered the right building.

As with many new small and trendy bars that have popped up recently, the Rook offers a solid food menu: their specialty being burgers and lobsters. Finally, a place in Sydney that specializes in Lobsters!


I went with work colleagues to celebrate R’s 15 years with the company for a nice Friday lunch. The atmosphere at the Rook is quite relaxing and promotes well natured banter amongst friends. We were lucky to have a nice warm sunny day to take advantage of the roof top position however as the roof is covered with glass, it did get quite hot, to the point that it was slightly uncomfortable. Not unbearable, but just required a few more diet cokes or beverages to cool down.

DSC_4097The Lobster roll (~$25) was nice and simple. It wasn’t next level spectacular but I would still come back for it again. The roll was generous with the amount of lobster chunks. The lobster chunks was mixed in with a salad, which although felt quite refreshing bordered on the more boring side in terms of taste.


I also tasted my colleague’s Lobster Risotto which although wasn’t as generous in terms of lobster, it was one of the better risottos I’ve had in Sydney.

The truffle fries were excellent and thick. Although they only had a slight hint of truffle essence, it did have a fantastic crunchy texture on the outside and soft moist mash on the inside. Definitely recommended.


The Lobster Chorizo croquettes were also nice and delightful. They were perfectly crunchy on the outside and had a nice creamy sauce on the inside. The small lobster and chorizo also complemented each other very well.

DSC_4087 DSC_4090

Although slightly pricey for bar food, the Rook is an excellent place to relax, have a bite to eat and catch up with friends. It was definitely positive to see new eateries/bars like the Rook offering unique and creative offerings to the Sydney food scene.

Level R (for Roof)
56-58 York street, Sydney

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