Devon Cafe: Surry Hills (31 August 2013)

The unassuming facade of Devon Cafe located in the quieter side of Devonshire Street in Surry Hills, has been quite the talk of the town amongst bloggers and our friends alike. We finally had our chance of trying out the place a few weeks ago and was not disappointed with the delicious food served up by ex-Bistro Guillaume chef Zachery Tan. We were expecting lines like those at The Grounds of Alexandria, so we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at around 9am on a Saturday morning to be able to seated straight away. Having seen one too many photos of the Ultimate Toastie and The Little Lost Bread across various food blogs and Instragram, we couldn’t resist not trying them out for ourselves. The huge portion sizes and the rich ingredients used in the two dishes (think oozing chocolate in TLLB and a fat layer of fontal melted cheese in the UT) are definitely not for the faint-hearted but utterly indulgent and incredibly tasty and filling.


Large sized soy cappuccino

To cut through all the richness of their popular dishes, there is a good selection of refreshing juices served in cute jars. However we decided to both opt for their rich and creamy coffees to wake ourselves up, which comes with the option of upgrading to a significantly larger mug size for $.50.


Little Lost Bread

Our breakfast dishes soon came and we decided to work ourselves backwards by eating the sweeter Little Lost Bread first to prevent the ice cream melting into a little puddle. Besides, I had heard that eating dessert first thing in the morning is one of the best time for it since you’ll have the rest of the day to burn it off ;) The Little Lost Bread consisted of a wonderfully buttery and rich brioche french toast served on top of a warm pool of Nutella and topped with a warm caramelised banana slice, rhubarb sauce and a scoop of peanut butter ice cream. The rhubarb sauce worked well in terms of cutting through some of the richness of the other ingredients, and I really liked the crunchy bits that was tossed around the plate.


The Ultimate Toastie

We quickly finished the Little Lost Bread in order to start on the incredible looking Ultimate Toastie. The rich truffle aroma that came out of this dish was amazing, and we were surprised by how large the serving size was (could have easily been shared by two). The dish consisted of two large slices of sourdough toast open grilled and topped with assorted mushrooms (including my favourite enoki mushroom) all topped with generous servings of melted fontal cheese, two fried eggs and shavings of Western Australia truffle.


Laid back courtyard seating

Unfortunately by the time we’re writing this post, the Ultimate Toastie at Devon Cafe has retired for the year. However we’ll definitely be sure to come back for it again when it returns next year. Meanwhile we’re looking forward to going back to try out more of their dishes (baked eggs mmm) and buying some of the devilishly indulgent muffins they make!

Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire St Surry Hills 2010

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