The Paramount Coffee Project: Surry Hills (29 September 2013)

Since having heard that the guys behind Reuben Hills (MILK SHAKES!) and Melbourne’s Seven Seeds had joined forces to open up the Paramount Coffee Project (PCP), M and I went with his friends to try out some of the many dishes we had been recommended to try by his friends. Located in the old Paramount film offices in Surry Hills, PCP is definitely one of the more spaced-out cafes we have seen in Sydney yet. They utlise the space well as the diners are seated around communal dining tables so there are huge areas of free polished concrete floors in between. There is also a pop up Tokyo bike shop towards the back of the room, which gives us something to drool over whilst waiting for a seat.


Communal Tables


Tokyo Bikes

Soon enough we were seated and we were faced with what seemed like impossible choices. I was torn between the sweet waffles (served with peanut butter ice cream , dulce de lech and hazelnut) or the French Toast Brioche OR the truffled mushroom salad… or the crab po boy. In the end our friends convinced us that the crab po boy is amazing so I went ahead with ordering that – and besides, who was I to say no to soft shell crab for brunch! We also ended up ordering the PCP wafflesDouble Fried ChickenArrollado and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.


Soy Cappuccino

Having the word “coffee” as part of their name implies that the cafe is going to have good coffee, and they do offer all the specialised filter coffees that we have come to expect. On the menu on our visit we saw filter coffees ranging from Kochere by Reuben Hills to Santa Isabel by Market Lane. However we decided to stick to our usual soy cappuccinos, which were both aromatic, slightly sweet and creamy.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake $8

Our friends ordered the peanut butter and jelly milkshake that they said was rich and tasty with solid peanut butter and jelly chunks found throughout the shake.


Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and the Arrollado (wrapped in the foil in the back)

The Sandwich consisted of thick juicy slices of Ranger Valley Beef topped with melted gruyere cheese, dill pickles, ketchuo, aioli and all wedged between two slices of toasted sourdough. Combine that with a milkshake and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn good comforting meal. Our friends also ordered the Arrollado that appeared to be another comforting dish. Arrollado is a dish from Chile and typically appears as a rolled meat dish. At PCP it is served with egg, maple bacon, kale, avocado and ketchup and served all wrapped up in foil (useful with catching all the dripping sauce).


Double Fried Chicken

We order a double fried chicken dish to share amongst the four of us and it was definitely worth it (despite entering into a food coma for a good few hours after the meal). The double fried chicken consists of spicy coated chicken fillets that are fried to a crunchy perfection without being greasy. Probably one of the “cleanest” fried chicken I have tasted yet, and it is served with a side of crunchy house slaw and creole relish.


Crab Po Boy

The Crab Po Boy was the dish that M and I had been waiting for and I really enjoyed it – crunchy juicy pieces of deep fried soft shell crab topped with slaw and ranch dressing and all served in a fluffy milk bun? How could we not like it.


PCP Waffle

M and I also shared the PCP waffle that was topped with a fried egg, guacamole, maple bacon and pico de gallo. It sounded amazing on paper and the ingredients were all tasty and fresh, however it was quite dry and we ended up leaving half the waffle behind.

All in all PCP is another welcome and interesting addition to Surry Hills. We loved the open spacing and the tasty Southern-style dishes, and cannot wait to go back to try some more of their dishes (though we would probably order one of the salads next time for our arteries sake).

The Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth St Surry Hills 2010
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