Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine: Haymarket (5 November 2013)

Hong Kong Cuisine encompasses a huge range of dishes ranging anywhere between “proper” seafood dishes to street snacks. Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine gives a good coverage of many varieties of dishes, with everything from the traditional BBQ ducks/pork hanging out on display to their comforting range of congee.

DSC_4966 DSC_4972

Whilst we had originally intended to go to Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine to try out the dessert menu, we got drawn into ordering a few pre-dessert “snacks”. In hindsight, we probably ordered enough for it to be a meal! Out of our “snacks”, I really enjoyed the silky texture and “clean” taste of their stir fried egg white dish mixed in with small chunks of white fish that was all offset with a splash of vinegar. It is not a dish we often see in Chinese restaurants/cafes around Sydney, and definitely one that I do hope will pop up more. Their pan-fried dumplings was tasty and flaky, whilst their fried rice was relatively bland and oily.


Red Bean Frappe ($4.80) and Old Town Pan Fried Pork and Vegetable Dumplings ($6.80)


Stir Fried Egg White with Fish Fillet ($20.80) and Old Town Fried Rice ($12.80)

For dessert we couldn’t go past the durian pancakes and the tofu dessert in black sesame soup. I really enjoyed the traditional yum cha tofu dessert being played up with a richer black sesame soup (and being presented in a cute wooden bowl). However the durian pancakes was quite disappointing in both appearance and taste, with the small chunks of durian found in the pancake being masked by the heavy usage of cream.


Durian Pancakes


Tofu Dessert with Black Sesame Soup

DSC_5029 DSC_5033

Although Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine is no longer the new kid on the block, it’s still definitely worth checking out (if you haven’t already) for their cheerful and fun vibe along with their extensive menu. Definitely keen to try out more of their “traditional” mains next time, though we’ll probably skip dessert and head to N2 Extreme Gelato across the walkway instead.


Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine
10 Dixon Street Sydney

Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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