Café Boheme: Potts Point (15 November 2013)

After a long quarter-end reporting season, it’s good to have a quieter period to enjoy a nice relaxing lunch, and this was exactly what Café Boheme provided for their lunch launch event.

Café Boheme is located on the leafy quiet backstreets of Kellett Street away from hustle and bustle of Kings Cross. On a sunny day, I would definitely recommend the outdoor courtyard seating, perfect for people spotting as well as absorbing the nice breeze and weather that Sydney is so well known. However if you’re like us and wake up at 10:30 on the weekends and the only seats available are the ones inside in the odd spots of restaurants, don’t be too disappointed. The décor inside is simple and tasteful, with a Parisian inspired theme evident through out, from the fresh flowers on each table, simple wooden chairs to the large French artworks on the wall. The layout is good and there is sufficient space between each diner and other tables.

DSC_0934 (1)


DSC_0998 The café also has a small section where you can buy some local produce, various pastries and parfaits.


About the Chef…

Café Boheme is headed and owned by Darren Taylor. Darren has 38 years or restaurant experience having held head chef positions at Buon Ricardo, Bilsons and recently Brass Bistro. As such, Darren’s expertise lies in both French and Italian cuisine. This time round for Café Boheme, his focus will be  providing French urban cafe classics whilst utilizing the finest local and organic produce. Particular dishes Darren has emphasized as his “hand picked French favourites” include the brioche French toast with caramelized pears and vanilla bean ice cream, traditional Croque Madame and the signature Café Boheme charcuterie plate.


On to the Food..


Cafe Boheme Characuterie Plate $18

The Café Charcuterie Plate. The prosciutto is fantastic, full of flavor and thinly cut. Excellent starting dish.


Croque Monsieur/Madame ($13/$15)

The Croque Madame is definitely a highlight on the menu. A Croque Madame is a ham and cheese sandwiche with béchamel sauce with a poached egg on top (a Croque Monsieur has no egg on top) and is common menu item in the urban café’s of Paris. The poached egg was cooked exactly how I liked it, with the warm yolk running onto the sandwiche. There was also excellent level of consistency between the bread, egg, ham and béchamel sauce. Delicious!


Reuben of smoked brisket, red coleslaw & pickles $13

I was just talking to a fellow blogger on my table that I would love to try their Reuben Bagel. They must’ve had mini-microphones on the table because a few minutes later they bought out the Reuben bagel. The bagel is from Iggy’s Bread. It was perfectly toasted, perfect crunch and texture. (I must admit I was late  on the Iggy’s bread bandwagon having only been to the Iggy’s Bread in Bronte early this year. Although since my first visit I have definitely become a big fan of their breads). The Reuben had smoked brisket and that by itself was very addictive. It was one of those items that you just want more and more after each bite! The smoked brisket was nicely complemented with the red coleslaw and pickles, providing a nice sour addition to each tasteful bite. As the café is only a quick train trip from Martin Place, I can definitely see myself as a regular customer for their Reuben bagel during my lunch breaks.


Panzanella of tomato, cucumber, celery, Spanish onion, torn bread, fresh herbs & parmesan $16


Roasted beetroot, lentils, goat cheese, baby spinach & caramelised walnuts $16


Chargrilled vegetables, Brie, pesto & leaves $13


The Crème Brulee is the highlight of the desserts at the end. The custard base was wonderful and the real vanilla beans definitely added that extra fragrant taste. Unlike most people I speak to, I personally prefer the custard base to the crunchy caramel layer of crème brulees and I can definitely say this base was one of the better (if not best) one’s I’ve ever had. Both complemented each other very well.


skim cappuccino $3.50

The coffee i believe uses Double Roasters coffee beans. My skim cappuccino was fantastic, very smooth and well proportioned.For those that prefer wine with their meals, there is a nice a selection of French and local wines.

For those who know me well, know that I love good food, French cuisine and good value and I can definitely say this place easily fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria. I can definitely see this café being a landmark on the Sydney dining scene and will be very popular in the weeks to come. Definitely recommend a visit.

PlanMB were invited as guests to the launch of Café Boheme.

3 Kellett Street
Potts Point, NSW, 2011

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