Sedap: Sydney (15 November 2013)

Sedap has been opened for around 2 months now tucked away in Regent Place along George St. It has a quirky Malay retro-dining feel with drinks served in green metal mugs, a cafeteria-style front and varying lengths of long wooden tables spread throughout the restaurant. The menu looked promising and had a variety of squid and hawker-style food related dishes. To start off with we ordered their tea tarik (“pulled tea”) and the grass jelly barley drink. The tea tarik was stretchy and foamy, having just been pulled a short while before being served, whilst the grass jelly barley drink was refreshing and light.


Authentic Malaysian drinks

For mains we ordered one of their many squid dishes (Kam Heong Squid) and their Char kway teow. The serving size for both dishes were decent although not as large as I thought they would be for their prices. Char Kway Teow translates to “stir-fried ricecake strips” (or at least it does according to Wikipedia), and a good version of the dish is one full of flavour and contrasting textures (between the seafood, meat, vegies and noodles). I really enjoyed the contrasting textures in Sedap’s version, although I felt the flavour wasn’t quite there (perhaps it’ll get there soon once their woks get more worn in). On the other hand, their Kam Heong Squid was full of flavour, with a slightly sweet fragrant spicy curry sauce coating each tender piece of squid thoroughly.


Kam Heong Squid


Char Kway Teow


All in all, Sedap provides Sydney-siders with another quick eats spot that is within easy reach. Their service is quick and prompt and the menu is relatively well priced (albeit a little higher than your locals at Chinatown). Definitely keen to come back to try more of their more “adventurous” menu items such as Horlicks Spare Ribs.
Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam
501 George St Sydney

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