Harajuku Gyoza: Potts Point (24 November 2013)

Harajuku Gyoza is an overly cute and energetic Japanese Gyoza bar that recently opened up in Potts Point. The happy vibe of the place is felt from the moment you walk in with their chorus greeting, and all throughout the meal with their fun-sized gyozas and side dishes.


Their menu is quite simple and straight forward, and you’ll given the choice of a handful of gyoza options, side dishes, izakaya dishes and dessert dishes. We’re here mainly for the gyozas so we opted for the chicken gyoza, duck gyoza and the daily special lobster tail gyoza. The gyozas come as either grilled or poached, so we tried the chicken and lobster tail gyozas as grilled and the duck gyoza as poached. All the gyozas were very tasty and well flavoured, however I felt it was difficult to tell the difference in both flavour and texture between the grilled chicken and lobster tail gyozas in terms of the fillings. The poached duck gyoza was my favourite out of the three, with the richly flavoured filling going well with the slippery and smooth poached outer skin.

DSC_1481 DSC_1490


Grilled pork gyoza ($8/5 pieces) and grilled lobster tail gyoza ($12/5 pieces)


Poached duck gyoza ($8/5 pieces)

We also ordered a side of Pork Katsudon that was well made and quite a substantial size. The pork cutlet was moist and succulent, and was coated with a thin batter that was deep fried to a golden crispiness.


Pork Katsudon ($12)


To finish the meal off, we shared one of their dessert gyozas. We chose the Nutella banana gyoza that consisted of warm oozing Nutella surrounding sliced banana pieces and all cocooned within a crispy deep fried gyoza skin, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Nutella Banana Gyoza with ice cream ($9/3 pieces)


Harajuku Gyoza definitely is a fun place to eat out with friends with its sharable and tasty gyozas, as well as their energetic and friendly staff. They’ve also got a decent range of drinks (and has Kirin on tap).
Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Harajuku Gyoza
Harajuku Gyoza
9-15 Bayswater Rd Potts Point

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