Mordeo Bistro and Bar: Sydney (16 January 2014)

Last week M and I had the pleasure of experiencing the friendly Southern European hospitality and equally delicious food samples from the team at Mordeo. Tucked away in Sydney’s business district on the corner of Phillip & Hunter Street, Mordeo is a refreshing newcomer that offers a good range of sharable dishes and wine list, and all in an open-plan restaurant space with comfortable seating. There is the choice of couple tables under the big lamp shades that would suit date nights or business lunches, or there are the larger group tables for post-work drink/nibbles.




Seared scallops ($4 each)

For starters we tried their scallops, lamb ribs and bocadillos. Their seared scallops were juicy and had their natural subtle flavours enhanced by the sweet pomegranate and pedro ximenez. What really stood out for us though was the crispy lamb ribs that consisted of tender lamb rib pieces that had a slightly crispy and charred exterior being presented on top of a bed of smoky hummus and Guindillas. The Guindillas (fiery Spanish peppers) were a genius addition to this dish, cutting through the smoky and creamy hummus and providing a lightness to the meaty lamb ribs. The bocidillos were equally flavoursome, and consisted of spicy grilled chorizo slices served with charred piquillo peppers.


Crispy lamb ribs with rosemary salt, hummus and Guindillas ($12)


Bocadillos with grilled chorizo & charred piquillo peppers ($7 each)

Despite being quite content by this stage with their generous portioned entree dishes, we pushed on to try some equally tempting-sounding mains. We had their pepperoni pizza and stuffed chicken ballotine (oh and a salad to balance all the meat and carbs out). The pepperoni pizza was again faultless, and consisted of a good proportion of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese to pizza base. The pizza base was also wonderfully light and fluffy. However it was definitely the stuffed chicken ballotine that stood out for us. The earthy rich sauce was soaked up by the pearl barleys that provided a lovely chewy texture to the dish. The stuffed chicken ballotine itself was amazingly tender and flavoursome, with the deboned chicken being stuffed with almond, sage, tomato and sauteed spinach, before all being gently poached in a plastic bag to maintain its tenderness and seal in the flavours.


Pepperoni pizza ($22)


Stuffed chicken Ballotine ($28)



… and although we were both beyond full by this stage, we could not finish the meal without dessert! For dessert we shared their freshly made churros, which were served with a dulche de leche topping and a side of orange ganache. Possibly because we were both quite full by then, but I felt the freshly made churros were flavoursome and sweet enough by itself without needing to dip into an extra side of rich dark chocolate orange ganache.


Churros, dulche de leche, orange ganache ($12)


Overall we found Mordeo to be a refreshing new addition to this part of Sydney that has been relatively barren with good post-work eatery choices. I can definitely see it being popular for post-work drinks/nibbles with its good variety of share dishes and drinks combined with the relaxed and friendly hospitality from their staff. Would definitely be keen to come back to try their hand made pasta and have their chicken ballotine and lamb ribs again!
Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Mordeo 
Mordeo Bistro and Bar
126 Phillip St Sydney

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