The Moody Chef: St Leonards (18 January 2014)

Last weekend M and I caught up with his cousins at one of our few local cafes (St Leonards) that open on Saturdays. The Moody Chef is an open and inviting cafe with bright green chairs decked out throughout the relatively large area. The staff are friendly and they have an all day breakfast menu on Saturday (always a bonus)!

For breakfast today M decided to go with the slow cooked bacon’n'beans & soft poached eggs. The dish was hearty and filling (despite the bacon flavour lacking in the beans), and the eggs were poached well with the welcoming sight of runny egg yolk oozing out over the beans once M’s fork pierced through the egg white barrier.


Trying to be healthier, I ordered the bircher muesli that consisted of soaked muesli served with fresh mango, apple and grapes all served on the side with a bowl of crunchy in-house oven baked toasted muesli. Although the dish itself was fresh and tasty, I should’ve just ordered the nutella and marscapone pancakes that I kept eyeing from our neighbouring table.


M’s cousins both ordered the orange and blueberry pancakes that was served with lemon ricotta and pure Canadian maple. They both demolished it pretty quickly so that presumably is a good sign?


Being a resident of St Leonards, I love the idea of being able to walk to the Moody Chef and grabbing a decent coffee and some food without having to walk that extra 5-10 minutes to Crows Nest. Having said that, whilst Moody Chef is definitely a good local cafe that provides all-day breakfasts on Saturday and provides a spacious comfortable atmosphere to catch up, none of the dishes we tried today were spectacular enough that we would be recommending our readers or friends to drive over to (if you live significantly far away). M’s cousins did mention that their lunch dishes were considerably better than their breakfast menu, so would need to come back after 12pm one Saturday to try it out (along with those nutella pancakes).

The Moody Chef
30 Atchison St St Leonards NSW 2065
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on “The Moody Chef: St Leonards (18 January 2014)
10 Comments on “The Moody Chef: St Leonards (18 January 2014)
  1. definitely love having some good local cafes open on the weekends, hope the trend continues…

    hahha we will definitely be back too at least to feast on those nutella pancakes!

  2. Ooh I’ve been wanting to visit this place for some time now since it’s so close to me but for some reason it keeps getting looked over in favour of places in Crows Nest… I like the sound of those nutella pancakes!

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