Brewtown: Newtown (25 January 2014)

Our weekends have been slightly overrun these days with wedding planning – cake tasting, marriage counselling and guest list making. Despite all this, we had both seen and heard so much about Brewtown (especially all those “egg porn” photos of Brewtown breakfast dishes on Instagram) that we knew we had to wake up earlier to squeeze a breakfast session in before our cake tasting appointment last weekend. Fortunately that meant that we were forced to go earlier than our usual time for brunch, and we found ourselves at Brewtown with no lines at around 9am on a Saturday morning.

After being promptly seated and a good few minutes of studying the menus intently, I decided on their delicious sounding baked polenta with mushroom, grilled asparagus and poached eggs. M on the other hand was hungry and had already decided to just go with the first thing on the menu, which in this case was the very scrumptious corned beef hash served amongst garden peas, poached eggs and parmesan crumbs.┬áBoth were filling and delicious, and I loved how both dishes didn’t have bread yet had enough ingredients to soak up all the runny egg yolk goodness.

DSC_3171 DSC_3167 DSC_3157


We had a wedding cake consultation lined up after the breakfast so unfortunately we had the common sense (or not) to forgo the mouth-watering looking cronuts! However we definitely will need to be back to try out more of their menus and their coffees and baked goods. Oh as a bonus, they serve sparkling water instead of your typical tap water!

6-8 O’Connell St Newtown 2042

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