Three Williams: Redfern (18 January 2014)

Is it too early in the year to say this is my favourite new brunch place? Because my experience at 3 Williams was pretty darn awesome. The service was great (quick, efficient and friendly), there was heaps of parking, the menu was interesting, the restaurant was spacious AND the food was pretty damn good too! and the prices were reasonable, the waiting line wasn’t too bad and the list goes on…

So when did this love affair start? Probably from the first time I laid eyes on the french toast food porn photos I saw on Instagram and was then reconfirmed once I tasted their mouth watering beef brisket wedged in between a heavenly fluffy “narnie”.

But let me go back to the beginning.

As I mentioned earlier, it started with all those #foodporn photos I saw up on Instagram in relation to 3 Williams that got me intrigued. After reading up a few blog posts here and there, I knew I had to go and check out the place myself. Finally around 3 weeks ago, M and I went along with another friend to 3 Williams. The restaurant itself is large and spacious, with a lot more seating than what we expected which helped the waiting list. We were seated within 10 minutes despite arriving at the busy brunch hour of 10.30am, and were promptly given our menus to muse over.

After a few minutes of deliberation, we decided on the peach and rose water soda to share (which turned out as a great alternative to our usual coffees as it was light and refreshing against our heavy food choices), the pork belly narnie, the beef brisket narnie, and the french toast. Our friend had the pork belly narnie of which looked delicious, whilst M and I shared the beef brisket and the french toast. The beef brisket narnie was definitely one of the best versions of beef brisket I’ve had, as the beef was flavoursome, melt-in-your-mouth-tender whilst still having texture. All that amazing beef brisket is then wrapped in between their house made chewy naan-style flat bread and served with house-made slaw, chipotle mayo and plenty of thinly sliced gherkins to cut through all the richness of the dish. Follow this up with their crunchy brioche french toast and you’ve got yourself a perfect start to any morning. The brioche french toast is wonderfully crunchy and sweet (but not overly sweet) with a slight nutty taste from the roasted pecans. It is served with a dollop of yogurt on the top and a sprinkling of blueberries and raspberries, which all lends the dish a “healthier” feel.



Pork Belly Narnie


Beef Brisket Narnie


French Toast

All in all, Three Williams has definitely got us excited about brunch again and we’re sure to come back to try more of their breakfast and lunch menus. I’m eyeing “the merchant” and another narnie for my next visit!

Three Williams
613A Elizabeth St Redfern
Three Williams on Urbanspoon

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