MooBerry Dessert & Breakfast Bar and Sam Thai: Neutral Bay (20th February 2014)

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of being invited to the opening for MooBerry’s new store opening in Neutral Bay. It was amazing to see the great job Janine and John have done to the space, having transformed the three levels into a fun and cosy dessert oasis. The first floor consisted of the typical frozen yogurt layout with the addition of a small bar on the side serving drinks, whilst the upper two levels provided seating areas for customers to relax and catch up. Whilst we’re not sure what will be on offer in terms of desserts and drinks at their new store, I’ll be excited to become a local regular here if it is anything like their Newtown branch (check the blogpost here).


Original frozen yogurt with mochi and maltesers

DSC_3320 DSC_3310

After having our fair share of frozen yogurt and drinks, we decided it was time to get some solid food into ourselves so we headed next door to try out Sam Thai. I’m a sucker for cutesy-type menus (…have a habit of keeping various cute take-away menus from restaurants) so seeing that Sam Thai has a cute eye-catching Orange cartoonish man on their menu, I was sold immediately. The restaurant itself is quite small but is completely packed out on a weekday night at 9pm no less so we took this as another good sign.


duck soup

Having never had ordered a bowl of duck soup from a Thai restaurant in the past, I’m probably not the best person to declare this as the “best” duck soup ever. However I would definitely recommend trying this soup if you happen to go to Sam Thai – it’s warming and flavoursome, reminding me of the flavours of the duck soup my grandmother used to make me using the duck bones boiled over several hours. The richness of the duck soup is cut through with the refreshing flavours of fresh corianders and spring onion.


duck pad thai

We also order the duck pad thai which consists of stir fried thin rice noodles tossed through with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, garlic chives and roasted duck. The serving size was generous however the flavours were mildly bland and did not match the richness of the soup.

Overall it was a wonderful night being able to see the success of Janine and John’s new store opening of MooBerry in Neutral Bay. It was also great to be able to finally try out Sam Thai which turned out to be a cheap and cheerful thai joint with good prices and decent serving sizes. The duck soup was definitely the winner from dinner tonight and am looking forward to going back to try out more of their soup options.

Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of MooBerry Dessert and Breakfast Bar (Neutral Bay)


MooBerry Dessert & Breakfast Bar (Neutral Bay)
Shop 4, 162 Military Rd Neutral Bay
MooBerry Dessert & Breakfast Bar on Urbanspoon

Sam Thai
Shop 21, 166 Military Rd Neutral Bay
Sam Thai on Urbanspoon

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