Taste of Sydney: Centennial Park (13-16 March 2014)

Taste of Sydney is back again, offering Sydneysiders the opportunity to tantalise their taste buds around the many “taste-sized” dishes on offer from popular Sydney restaurants. This years restaurant line up included the popular Chur Burger, Porteno and Longrain as well as some regional stars such as Biota Dining and Muse Restaurant. In addition to bringing together the restaurants, the festival gives us access to over 100 artisan producers (some giving away generous samples) as well as pop up attraction areas such as the Rekorderlig Cider Bar.

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The Rekorderlig Cider Bar is hard to miss – it’s located in a custom built trapeze-like dome, and offers Taste of Sydneysiders a range of refreshing ciders to sip on whilst listening to their in-house DJs and relaxing in their comfy beanbag seats (or other chairs). Try one of their original flavours or one of their new ones (apple guava)! DSC_3589 DSC_3591

DSC_3606 DSC_3617 DSC_3626

By the time we finished sampling all the goodies on offer from the artisan producers, our stomachs were pretty content already. However we had our crowns (the official currency at the festival) and it seemed a shame to waste it so we made room for a burger and fried chicken… of course ;)

From Chur Burger we got their “icon dish” which was the Wagyu Rossini. It consisted of a thick juicy wagyu beef patty topped with shaved fois gras and served with a rich truffle & Madeira jus. It was a heavy and rich burger, but every mouthful was blissful. The only downside was that at 18 crowns ($18) it was leaning on the pricey side for the burger when the size was smaller than their restaurant serves.


With our remaining crowns we ventured over to Biota Dining to try their Hay Smoked Chicken Legs. Again on the pricier side at 12 crowns for what was essentially a drumstick, but it was definitely one of the best tasting chicken leg I’ve ever had! The chicken meat was hay smoked and cured so it had a wonderful smoky aroma to it, whilst the outer skin was perfectly crunchy without being overly oily. It was then dipped in a corn and garlic creme sauce which reminded me of those thick sweetcorn soup at Chinese restaurants (with the chicken pieces in the sauce being replaced by one large drumstick instead).

DSC_3651With the lovely weather in Sydney this weekend, I would definitely recommend dropping by the festival this weekend if you haven’t already been. Whilst the food is definitely on the pricier side for the small portions, it does offer us the means to try various dishes from fabulous Sydney restaurants. Also whilst you’re there, chill out and grab a drink from the Rekorderlig Bar.


Disclaimer: PlanMB attended as guests of Taste of Sydney and Rekorderlig Bar


Taste of Sydney
Centennial Park (13-16 March 2014)


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