Moutai Flagship Store Opening: Sydney (18 March 2014)

Last night was the official opening for the revered Chinese “baijiu” Moutai. Often marketed as the “world’s most mysterious spirit” and referred to as China’s “national alcoholic drink“, what we wanted to find out was what makes this liquor so special? or warrant the $$ price tag?

We soon found out that there is a significant element of history attached to Moutai. Moutai was the first Chinese liquor to be produced in a large-scale way during the Qing Dynasty. Since then it has won numerous international awards, multiplied its production by astronomical multiples and has become the choice liquor to be given as gifts between Chinese officials as well as the liquor to be had at important events.

Another factor contributing to the unique reverence of Moutai is its production manner. It is a lengthy process as the combination of local sorghum, wheat and water is distilled 9 times and aged for several years in Moutai, a Guizhou Province in China (which is believed to possess a unique climate and vegetation that creates the truly unique taste of the liquor). The whole process usually takes around 5 years to produce one bottle. What it results in is its characteristic complex aroma and taste, including aromas of wheat and soy sauce.

M and I are by no means drink connoisseurs, but we did have a fun night learning how to appreciate Moutai. Here were some friendly tips passed on to us by the team at Moutai:

1. Smell – place the glass below your nose and inhale – try to see how many aromas you can pick up! There are 155 aromas noted for Moutai so far but I got stumped in the single digits

2. Ganbei! Cheers with your family and friends

3. Enjoy with food – and tonight Moutai showcased two of their liquors with some delectable finger food from Golden Century!

DSC_3757 DSC_3761 DSC_3768 DSC_3769 DSC_3775 DSC_3781 DSC_3783 DSC_3788

The prices and distillation period do differ quite significantly throughout the range and vintage (for example the <$100 entry level Moutai Prince compared to the $5280 hefty price tag for their 50 year aged Moutai) so I do recommend any true liquor lover to step into their flagship store in Sydney to have a tour through their various products with one of their knowledgable staff.


Disclaimer: PlanMB attended as guests of PolkadotPR and Moutai


398 Sussex Street Sydney 2000


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on “Moutai Flagship Store Opening: Sydney (18 March 2014)
One Comment on “Moutai Flagship Store Opening: Sydney (18 March 2014)
  1. I’m really surprised that they opened one of these up in Sydney. It’s a tough spirit to get accustomed to, especially for Westerners. Interesting to see where this goes, especially as Moutai is now declining in prestige in China due to the massive counterfeit operations that go on regarding Moutai.

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