Ryvita Masterclass: Alexandria (19 March 2014)

We typically associate Ryvita crispbreads with words like “cottage cheese” and “healthy”, but they present so much more options. We found out some of these fabulous possibilities at the Ryvita masterclass where we had the pleasure of seeing Jake Dell from Katz’s Deli in action. Below are some photos from the night, with some wonderful #RyvitaMasterpiece creations from Katz’s Deli, The Grounds and Messina… oh and our attempt of re-creating the reuben on Ryvita.


Beautiful long table settings at the Grounds Alexandria


Hash tag your creations on Instagram with #RyvitaMasterpiece


meat, meat, meat!!


Jake Dell from Katz’s Deli NYC with his creations


Malibu’s ‘Green Fields’ #Ryvitamasterpiece

DSC_3797 DSC_3814 DSC_3822 DSC_3827 DSC_3840 DSC_3926 DSC_3942 DSC_3966 DSC_3976 DSC_3989 DSC_3991 DSC_3995 DSC_4009 DSC_4015 DSC_4024 DSC_4032

To finish the evening off, we were each served Gelato Messina’s Ryvita masterpiece “Whitebait” which consisted of their fish-flavoured salmon gelato served alongside white chocolate gelato with lemon cream cheese, dill and caper jelly. Definitely a memorable way to end the night! Whilst I still prefer my traditional flavoured gelato, the mild smokiness from the salmon gelato went well with the creamy white chocolate gelato, and the two flavours were well contrasted with the dill and caper jelly. If anything, the various creations we tasted on the night highlighted the endless possibilities with the toppings that can be had on Ryvitas, with the Ryvitas holding their form and crunch with whatever was thrown at them.

Check out Ryvita Australia Facebook page for further ideas: https://www.facebook.com/ryvitaaustralia

Disclaimer: PlanMB were invited as guests at Ryvita Masterclass on behalf of Ryvita Australia

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