Jones The Grocer (revisit): Sydney (28 March 2014)

Following our positive dining experience at Jones the Grocer towards the end of last year (see the blog post here), we were excited to have received the invite to return this year to try out their new menu. Their new menu is built around the concept of sharing – “share good food served fast” - which we felt was genius considering the amount of easily sharable items they had from readily available in their store (think cured meats, cheeses, relishes etc). On top of the sharable antipasti and boards options, the new menu also showcases healthy “salads” as well as their classic pastas and burgers.




Parker’s organic sparkling fruit juice

With the amount of people around us getting sick lately, we decide to keep ourselves hydrated with plenty of water and their refreshing Parker’s organic lightly flavoured fruit juices.

Since we were dining with fellow bloggers FoodDiary by CK (such fun!), we were able to try a few more starters and we shared the charcuterie boardarancini and salt & pepper calamari. 


Charcuterie board

The charcuterie board consisted of generous servings of cured hams, sausages, beef, relishes, pickles, cheeses and house made breads. I adored the cured meats which were tenderly laced with slivers of fat. The thinly sliced pickles and light relishes then helped cut through all the richness of the cured meats and heavy cheeses, making the charcuterie board a wonderfully balanced shared starters option.



The arancini was at Jones the Grocer was the one that caught us all by surprise though. We hadn’t read the menu carefully when we ordered this, so we were all caught off guard when we cut through the arancini and found it redish inside. After taking a few mouthfuls (and reading the menu more thoroughly afterwards) we realised it wasn’t the typical cheesy arancini. Instead it was a beetroot, thyme & fontina arancini served on top of a bed of rocket and parmesan salad. Definitely an interesting twist from the usual arancinis and tasty too.


Salt & Pepper Calamari

The salt & pepper calamari was my least favourite from the starters, although it was still great for salt and pepper calamari standards. Not so much because it wasn’t tasty (because it was flavoured very well) but it wasn’t as crispy. Having said that, the calamari pieces were tender and tasty, and it set on a refreshing thai herb salad.


Lamb Cutlets

For mains M ordered the grilled herbed lamb cutlets which were served with a chickpea, currants & parsley salad and eggplant relish. M enjoyed the generous serving of lamb cutlets and smokiness of the eggplant relish, but felt that the lamb cutlets were slightly overcooked (no pinkness in the meat).


Jones Burger

The Jones Burger on the other hand was amazing in all aspects. It consisted of a premium 100% Australian wagyu patty, bacon, melted Swiss cheese, truffle mayonnaise, pickles, yellow mustard and caramelised onions all sandwiched in between a house made bun and served with a side of crunchy thick sliced rustic chips. M’s cousin has been recommending us to try it for a while now, and we’re glad that we have finally gotten around to it. The Jones Burger is definitely one of the better burgers we’ve had for a while – rich, juicy AND it is topped with a creamy truffle mayonnaise.


Ice Cream Sandwich

Last time we came we were really impressed by their desserts (especially their sticky date pudding) but we thought we’ll take a risk and try two new ones. It was a tough decision but after some deliberation we ended up ordering their ice cream sandwich and the creme brulee. The ice cream sandwich came out different to what I expected it to be and consisted of salted peanut caramel ice cream wedged between a chewy caramel brittle type of top and a biscuit bottom. Great concept (since who doesn’t like ice cream sandwich?) but the flavours were a bit rich especially after a few bites.


Creme Brulee

The creme brulee was a more satisfying dessert and consisted of a generous serving size of a decadent creamy creme brulee with a stewed rhubarb base and a crispy torched toffee topping.


Gourmet Goodies to buy

If you visit and you’re still not full yet, or want to take some gourmet goodies home, Jones the Grocer also has a significant portion of their restaurant dedicated to all sort of gourmet amazingness for you to buy. I bought some tea there towards the end of last year (their roasted brown rice green tea) which was amazing.


Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Jones the Grocer and CavCon 

Jones the Grocer
Level 5, Sydney Westfield (Cnr Castlereiagh & Market Street Sydney)

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