Hot Star: Sydney (08 April 2014)

I have never visited Taiwan (outside the few hours stop over at the airport in the past) but I have always wanted to visit Taiwan for their famed fried chicken and street snacks I have heard so much about from M over the years. Around a month or so ago, M came home excitedly and announced to me that we were going to go try some TFC. “TFC” I asked? with M replying, “Yes TFC – Taiwanese Fried Chicken”. Soon enough I found out that Taiwanese’s famed Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken had made its trip over down under and had opened up a take away shop front opposite World Square. Finally I was going to get my hands on those famed friend chicken goodness that M had talked about so many times.


Popular already, with a frequent line up at their Sydney branch


Deep fried in “healthy” canola oil means it’s ok right?


Preparing the chicken on site


Ready for frying!

With all the hype that he had built around Hot Star’s fried chicken, I thought I was going to be disappointed. Luckily it held up, and I was surprised (in a good way) by the sheer size of the fried chicken, as well as its thin crispy batter that coated the equally impressive thin tender chicken meat inside.┬áThe chicken is prepared freshly on site, and their signature item is the fried chicken made up of a 250 grams human-face-sized chicken breast (apparently 30cm in length). They also offer a range of other fried goodness, including the fried mushrooms, potato fries, curly fries and chicken bites/nibbles. The verdict? Don’t attempt to eat all the fried food in one sitting between two people. The fried chicken alone is quite substantial in size, and can easily be shared between two people if you’re getting sides. It also comes in different levels of spiciness and we chose to go with the medium level, which had a tiny kick in it but nothing substantial. What I enjoyed immensely about it was how well the batter stuck on the chicken and how crispy it was. Each bite was fried-chicken bliss, and there was a good ratio of crispy-friedness:succulent chicken breast. For those who preferred more friedness in the equation, the fried chicken nibbles are for you. Both their fries (the sweet potato and curly fries) were good but nothing spectacular, whilst their mushrooms were more memorable consisting of juicy mushroom morsels covered in a crispy batter.


Signature fried chicken


Fried chicken bites


Sweet potato fries


Curly fries


Fried mushrooms

We couldn’t finish all the fried chicken in one sitting so we had to take some home. FYI they do keep relatively well as we reheated it in the oven the following day and it was still incredibly crunchy and delicious. Definitely one of the best fried chickens around in Sydney at the moment, and I love how easy they can be devoured from their oil resistant bags whilst walking around.
Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Hot Star and Harvey Publicity
Hot Star (Sydney)
96 Liverpool St Sydney

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon

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