Spoonful Cafe and Living: Neutral Bay

Their store is based on a “LOHAS” (life of health and sustainability) concept and their dedication to a green and organic lifestyle is echoed throughout the store. They use eco-friendly and organic ingredients in their dishes and pastries, as well as in the materials across their various gifts and home ware range. We were fortunate enough to experience owner Joanna’s warm hospitality and had the pleasure of trying a few of the dishes on their breakfast menu.


Just a corner of their expansive shop area


Beautiful eco-friendly homeware goodies that smell amazing


baked daily in house using organic ingredients


The “Slim and LIght” $7 and their “vanilla milkshake” $6.50

We start things off with the very healthy “slim and light” juice balanced out with something a little naughtier with their creamy vanilla milkshake. The “slim and light” juice is surprisingly sweet and refreshing considering the number of vegetables are used in it, and consists of kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and lemon. In comparison the vanilla milkshake was creamy and indulgent, made with ground vanilla beans and no artificial flavours or colours.


Mixed Berries Granola Parfait $12

In close pursuit after the drinks came the mixed berries granola parfait and their sweetcorn and capsicum fritters. The parfait was mixed through with a creamy organic natural yogurt, sweetened by a mixture of berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries this time round) and all layered between a delectable crunchy granola mixture that was generous with their nuts.


Sweetcorn and Capsicum Fritters $15

The sweetcorn and capsicum fritters firstly looked amazing and fresh when it came out, and tasted equally fresh and tasty. Served with an avocado salsa salad and a side of home-made chilli jam, the sweet corn and capsicum fritters were bursting with flavour without being weighed down by a “greasy” feel that many other fritters give.


Organic lavender and green tea served with muffin of the day $4.50 and half loaf banana bread $5.50

Despite being quite full already at this stage (I mean this is breakfast we’re talking about!) we couldn’t resist trying some of their “something small and sweet” menu and boy were we glad! We ordered their half loaf banana bread and their muffin of the day which were both amazing. Each slice of the banana bread was warm and toasty, with a crunchy outer layer from being lightly toasted while still warm and buttery on the inside. But after digging into their muffin of the day (which was berries and almond crumble), everything else was temporarily forgotten. The muffins were dairy free and buttery, with a warm fluffy base and topped with a crunchy almond crumble layer.



… and another shot of their delectable bakery items

Whilst we had stumbled into Spoonful Cafe and Living via an invite from Joanna originally, we’re converted now and excited about knowing of this friendly neighbourhood gem. We’ll be working through their bakery menu and returning for many more of those delectable crumbly muffins!


Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Spoonful Cafe and Living 


Spoonful Cafe and Living
97 Military Road Neutral Bay
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