Ippudo: Central Park (24 September 2014)

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Both B and I apologise for the long drought of blogposts. It’s been an eventful few months but now that we’ve married and honeymooned, we’re back to blogging and cannot wait to share some of our amazing eats over the past few months!

We’ve got some amazing eats to share from our time in Phuket, Las Vegas and Hawaii, but to start things off we thought we would share something closer to home. Recently we made the delightful discovery of Ippudo opening up in their second location in Sydney at the new and very green Central Park. We’ve both long been fans of Ippudo’s rich broths and bouncy ramen noodles, as well as their staple pork buns. Last week we decided to venture out from our usual order of their Shiromaru Motoaji ramen and pork buns, and tried the Akamaru Special, Miso Special Ramen and a side of Fish and Chips

And boy are we glad we ventured out! The Fish and Chips is a dish worth mentioning. Whilst it is not a dish we would usually think of ordering at Ippudo, it is definitely one that we would be ordering again. The dish isn’t any conventional fish and chips, and instead comes with a fresh tender salmon fillet battered and deep fried to a golden crispiness and served with two textbook exampled of “egg porn” egg halves battered, a side of crunchy hand cut chips and generous pots of creamy tartare/mayonnaise sauce blend and a chilli sauce.

Both the Akamaru Special and Miso Special Ramen were also worth mentioning (I mean hey it’s Ippudo!). The miso base was a little saltier than our usual preference whilst the Akamaru (made using their signature tonkotsu broth enhanced with miso paste and garlic oil) was faultless and oh-so-addictive. It was our first time ordering the “Special” version of the ramen dishes and we were curious to find out what the additional $8 would give you. We were pleasantly surprised to find that with the “special” versions of the ramen entitled the eater to an additional plate of flavoured egg, simmered pork belly, roasted seaweed, flavoured black mushrooms, flavoured bamboo shoots and spring onions. It’s always welcome knowing that there is so much toppings that it needs to come out on an additional plate!




Ippudo style fish and chips


Fresh tender salmon fillets are used in their Fish and Chips


Generous extra toppings that come with the “special” ramen orders


Miso Special Ramen


Akamaru Special


Fresh, clean and modern interiors


Ippudo at Central Park

Ippudo at Central Park is a welcome addition to Sydney’s dining scene and hopefully means the lines will be slightly shorter now that there is two outlets for Ippudo. It’s located in the spacious outdoors dining area on the lower ground level in Central Park that is nicely spaced out and worth exploring.

Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Ippudo


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