Watsons Bay Hotel (Beach Club): Watsons Bay (December 2014)

Following our post on the gorgeous views of North Bondi beach from North Bondi Fish, Watsons Bay Hotel is another restaurant that showcases one of Sydney’s iconic beaches – Watsons Bay. Providing both indoor and outdoor seating options, sit outside under the umbrellas to soak up the “holiday” atmosphere or sit indoors and try and snag a window side seat to get best views of Watsons Bay.


Indoor seating area


Outdoor seating area


Gorgeous views of Watson Bay Wharf in the backdrop

After soaking in the views, it was time to order. That was a battle in itself. The restaurant is incredibly busy, as expected with the location, but once the food was ordered the delivery time was relatively quick. Our first dish to hit the table was the Watsons Bay Seafood Platter. On the pricey end at $95 for a platter without lobster, but delicious nonetheless and presented beautifully. The fresh prawns and bugs were the highlight whilst the marinated calamari were too chewy.


Seafood platter $95


Seafood Platter


Seafood Platter


Seafood Platter


Seafood Platter


Seafood Platter

Following the seafood platter we ordered a few dishes from the “Share” section of the menu. The highlight dishes for us were the sticky lamb ribs and the chopped kale salad. The Lamb ribs were well marinated and dripping in a finger lickingly good sweet sauce with a kick of chilli. The Chopped Kale salad was probably the biggest surprise from the night. We had ordered it as the “obligatory” vegetable dish to share but it turned out to be one of the highlights from the night with a generous portion of kale topped with creamy pumpkin pieces contrasted with juicy and crunchy pomegranate pieces, and all tossed through with creamy crumbed fetta and a honey balsamic sauce. The salmon ceviche was an average dish in that the salmon pieces did not taste fresh, the guacamole was rather bland and the tortilla chips were not very crispy. Killer soft shell crab burgers was a more redeeming dish, with the crispy soft shell crabs topped with a very “more-ish” jalapeño tartare sauce.


Salmon Ceviche $21



Finger Licking Sticky Lamb Ribs with Old Bay Slaw and Fries $29


Killer Soft Shell Crab Sliders $23


Chopped Kale Salad $22


Gorgeous views of the sunset from the balcony seating area at Watsons Bay Hotel

The highlight of the meal came with the desserts though. The salted caramel ice cream sliders were delicious and tasted even better when eaten whilst watching the sunset. Such a simple concept (putting salted caramel ice cream between brioche buns and topping it with chocolate sauce) but it just works! The smashed apple pie sundae was equally well liked and we loved the chunky apple pieces we would find under the creamy vanilla ice cream and thick butterscotch sauce.


Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sliders $12 (for 3)


Smashed Apple Pie Sundae $12

The food tonight was a bit of a hit and miss, but the views the restaurant is undeniably one of the best in Sydney and would undoubtedly impress any overseas visitors or even Sydney-siders.

Disclaimer: PlanMB dined as guests of Watsons Bay Hotel, but as always, the opinions are 100% ours 

Watsons Bay Hotel (Beach Club)
1 Military Road Watsons Bay

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