Ichi-ban Boshi: Sydney CBD (03 March 2015)

Ichi-ban Boshi has always been one of our go-to places for ramen (as well as for many other Sydney-siders as witnessed by all the hungry diners frequently banked out outside the restaurant). One of the downsides of going back to regular joints is that we end up ordering the same dishes so we decided to venture out this time round and try a few new dishes. We couldn’t bring ourselves to change from our usual drinks though, so as per usual we ordered the ice green tea cappuccino and the melon soda with ice cream. If anyone is a fan of green tea, the ice green tea cappuccino is a must-try with a wonderful balance between being bitter and creamy, and all topped with a foamy peak. The sweetness can also be controlled by choosing how much of the sugar syrup to pour in.


Melon Soda with Ice Cream and Ice Green Tea Cappuccino


Pour the syrup into the cappuccino for your own sweetness preference level

For starters we decided to try the grilled beef tongue and unagi taster. The unagi taster was by far one of the best unagi dishes we have had for a while – the unagi was generously covered and marinated in a sweet sticky sauce, whilst the meat was still soft and tender without being overcooked. The grilled beef tongue was equally tasty but was leaning towards the chewier side.

ramen-4 ramen-6

For mains we had the karaage ramen and the hibachi chula. The karaage ramen really should be the definition of comfort food, consisting of a hearty warm bowl of bouncy ramen noodles in a soy flavoured soup and topped with crunchy succulent fried chicken pieces, butter corn and bamboo shoots. For the warmer days the hibachi chula is a great option, consisting of the same bouncy ramen noodles but as a cold version, nestled on top of a cold broth and topped with slivers of cucumber, ham and egg. ramen-8 ramen-9I can think of more than one reason why there’s still a cue of customers outside Ichi-ban Boshi after all these years so if you haven’t been yet, do find some time out to swing by and try it out (and meanwhile check out the huge kinokuniya bookstore next door).

Ichi-ban Boshi
Level 2, The Galleries
500 George Street Sydney

Ichi-ban Boshi on Urbanspoon

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