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PlanMB- A Sydney-based food blog
PlanMB is a Sydney-based food blog with a focus on discovering the best eats in town. The blog was initially created to keep track and journalise some of the places we visited. As the blog has grown we want to continue to share our experiences and anything that may interest us. We hope that some of our entries will inspire you to get out and explore the culinary delights the world offers.

Who are we?
PlanMB consists of M (Matthew Chan) and B (Beryl Marlborough). We’re a Sydney couple based in the lower north shore of Sydney with a common love of food, travelling, photography and candy crush. Below is a brief bio on each of us.

Matthew Chan
Matthew is currently working in the financial services industry in Sydney’s CBD. His favourite food is ramen (especially the ones with the thick pork bone soup). Matthew also has a keen interest in photography and is Nikon fanboy. He shamefully admits he has cravings for Big Macs and has developed a reputation amongst his colleagues for devouring Mcdonald’s Value Meals during his lunch break. To shake off that reputation he has set a goal to try something new for lunch each day.

Beryl Marlborough
Beryl is currently working in the health services industry. Her favourite cuisine is Korean or Chinese. Beryl can often be seen waiting patiently for Matthew to take photos at restaurants. Beryl has a keen interest in clean, healthy eating and enjoys cooking healthy recipes (at Matthew’s dissatisfaction). Beryl also has a huge love for tea, wines and soju/sake.


Contact Us
We’d love to hear what you think about the blog and any suggestions you have to improve our blog. We’d also like to hear any restaurant recommendations and events we should check out. Please leave a comment below or alternatively shoot us an email at info@planmb.com . We’d love to hear from you!


Please note that all our images are copyright and all rights are reserved. All images are available to purchase. Images on the site are available for use if (1) they are not cropped, and (2) a link back to our blog is provided. Thank you!


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