Ichi-ban Boshi: Sydney CBD (03 March 2015)

Ichi-ban Boshi has always been one of our go-to places for ramen (as well as for many other Sydney-siders as witnessed by all the...

Watsons Bay Hotel (Beach Club): Watsons Bay (December 2014)

Following our post on the gorgeous views of North Bondi beach from North Bondi Fish, Watsons Bay Hotel is another restaurant that showcases one...

North Bondi Fish: Bondi Beach (December 2014)

 With the gorgeous weather Sydney has been having, we’ve been on the hunt for some lunch spots to soak in as much of that...
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Joe’s Downstairs: Phuket (August 2014)

One of the best restaurants in Phuket to enjoy cocktails and food over breathtaking views is Joe’s Downstairs. Following on from a recommendation from...

Good Time Diner: Bondi Junction (17 October 2014)

Last week (or was it the week before?) we crossed the bridge and headed to Bondi for some shared comfort food with fellow bloggers...

Chiba Ken: Waikiki (September 2014)

After our wedding, we went on our honeymoon to Phuket (Thailand) and then our own separate ways. B went to Honolulu while I went...

Ippudo: Central Park (24 September 2014)

To our dear readers! Both B and I apologise for the long drought of blogposts. It’s been an eventful few months but now that...

Spoonful Cafe and Living: Neutral Bay

Their store is based on a “LOHAS” (life of health and sustainability) concept and their dedication to a green and organic lifestyle is echoed...

Charlie & Co Burgers and Becasse Bakery: Sydney (June 2014)

Both Charlie & Co Burgers and Becasse Bakery have been open for over three years at Westfield Sydney “Food on Five” Level 5 foodcourt,...

Waitan: Sydney (11 June 2014)

A welcoming trend I’ve noticed recently in the Sydney food scene is the emergence of high-end modern Chinese cuisine such as Mr Wongs, China...

Battle of the Burgers: Chur burger vs Mary’s (July 2013)

With the cold weather looming around us, M and I have been running to and from various comfort food joints. One of our favourite comfort foods is “the burger”. I love burgers – beef patty burgers in particular. I love the juiciness of a well made burger – the juicy, meaty goodness running down my

Tonkotsu Ya: Chatswood (3 August 2013)

Tonkotsu Ya or Tonkotsu Nah, that’s the question for today’s blog post. We are really getting spoilt for choice with tonkotsu based hakata ramen, especially with the recent additions of Ippudo, Ikkyu and Zundo. And having had all three within the last week (including Hakata Maru) I asked myself do I really want to eat

Salvage Specialty Coffee: Artarmon

On a quiet Sunday (a few weeks ago… we’re a little behind with all our blogging!), M and I met up with K and her lovely Yuuki (who is a Shiba Inu breed for those curious from the photo below) for a lazy Sunday brunch at Salvage Speciality Coffee at Artarmon. Salvage Speciality Coffee has been

Toriciya Japanese: Cammeray (24th July 2013)

Located amongst a small strip of restaurants in Cammeray, Toriciya is a hidden gem hidden behind an unassuming facade. Once we passed the sliding doors, we were greeted by a friendly waitress who took the reservations. Unfortunately our reservation seemingly had gotten lost, but luckily there was a small table left in the outdoor dining

Katz’s Deli: NYC (December 2012)

Katz Deli was one of the top few places that we had on our to-do list when we visited NYC last year. Having watched Harry Met Sally one too many times, I was adamant we went to the deli that Meg Ryan had her convincing fake orgasm scene and to “have what she’s having”. M

Makoto Sushi Bar: Chatswood (20 June 2013)

Makato Sushi Bar has been around in Chatswood for a few years now and has established and (continually maintained) a solid reputation for excellent fresh sushi and sashimi. There is a wide variety of items to choose from the train as well as additional hand rolls and made to order items such as udon and

Tsuru Secret Pop-up DInner: Sydney (19 July 2013)

I had spent a few good hours days last year hunting down the heavenly melt-in-your-mouth pork buns from the food truck Tsuru, power walking anywhere between the city to Pyrmont. So when our lovely friend A organised a girls night out at the Tsuru pop-up dining event at Newtown, K and I both jumped at